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The Best Memes from the Copa Libertadores Final

We were not only left with a champion, but also a myriad of great memes.

By | [email protected] | December 10, 2018 2:11pm

San Martin MemeMemes-o-plenty / Via Infobae

On Sunday afternoon, the eyes of Argentina – and a good portion of the world – were set on the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, as River Plate and Boca Juniors clashed in the second leg of the Copa Libertadores final. And same as it happens in all events of such magnitude, the collective hive that is the Internet was more than active, providing us with memes that predictably lived up to the expectations.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best memes the Internet gave us before, during, and after the game.

The irony of playing the final of a sports tournament that literally honors the leaders of the South American wars of independence from Spain in Madrid did not escape anyone, much less Twitter.

“It’s called Liberators of America. It’s played in Madrid.”

“When you find out the ‘Liberators of America’ Cup ends up being played in Spain, at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.”

“The LIBERATORS of America Cup is being played in Spain. Specifically, in MADRID.”

We saw an interesting celebration in the second leg from Boca’s Darío ‘Pipa’ Benedetto after his counter attack goal at the end of the first half, with images of him aggressively sticking his tongue out at one of the River defenders. As the score changed, Twitter made sure to become the embodiment of karma.

(Photo via Maycam) The internet has gone mad over Darío ‘Pipa’ Benedetto’s celebration face

“Sorry, last one.”

The Twitterverse also had a field day with the injury of Boca midfielder Fernando Gago. Gago has suffered 15 injuries in the past eight years, and three of them took place during consequential matches against River. This was clearly the most relevant one, and as he subbed himself out without any substitutions available, leaving Boca to play with nine players for the last four minutes of extra-time, an avalanche of memes poured down the world’s collective Twitter feed.

“The replay of Gago’s injury.”