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Club Cultural Matienzo Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

From zero to hero, this space has converted into a renowned cultural phenomenon.

By | [email protected] | November 23, 2018 4:04pm

Ramiro RodriguezRamiro Rodriquez, Matienzo Dream Team (Photo via Matienzo)

With the influx of immigration into Buenos Aires throughout the years, it isn’t surprising that the growth of independent culture in the city is ever-growing. But with this wide range of customs and practices which are, more often than not, very different to traditional Argentine living, how comfortable do people feel openly practicing their culture? This is where Club Cultural Matienzo steps in; to communicate, integrate, and celebrate all members of society, no matter their race, religion. or ethnicity.

In celebration of a decade of independent culture in Buenos Aires, Club Cultural Matienzo will open its doors this weekend to two consecutive days of free festivities, filling every square meter of the building and outside street with activities, exhibitions and music open to the public.

Standing as a reflection of its participation in a strong, independent cultural circuit in Buenos Aires, Matienzo hosts an abundance of workshops, debates, screenings, and performances throughout the year, celebrating all things cultural. Once just a quarter of the size of its current three-story building, Matienzo now sits on the border between Villa Crespo, Palermo, and Almagro, a central location key to the community growth of the area. Continuously expanding and diversifying projects, this new space now allows Matienzo to comfortably welcome the large influx of its visitors, while developing events of greater possibilities and stronger impact.

This month has seen some of the most exciting events to date, from blues nights and live jam sessions to alternative theatre and poetry recitals, and with their weekend festivities just one day away, the events are only going to get better. Beginning on Saturday at 9 PM and ending on Sunday at 10 PM with a 10-hour break in the middle to sleep, eat, and recharge, the evenings will be filled with talented artists from around the country, with celebrations inside the building expecting to flow onto the street outside. For the full list of artists, please click here.

3J Selector (Photo via Matienzo)

That’s not all. As part of this milestone, Matienzo has also collaborated with various artists to form new and exciting performances, unique to #matienzo10años.

Matienzo Dream Team

Throwing us back in time with some of the most popular indie hits from 2008-2018, An Espil, Luciano Torfano, Julián Montes, Juan Pablo Alfieri and Ramiro Rodríguez Goitía have come together for a one-night wonder, celebrating independent music from the last decade. With each member originally from leading bands of the Buenos Aires cultural scene, their talent and stage presence makes them a band not to miss.

Matienzo Dream Team (Photo via Matienzo)

Interior Matienzo

Directed by Guido and Laura Preger, Interior Matienzo will give insight into the set-up of Matienzo through a short documentary film, answering the questions that so many of us want to ask like what is Matienzo? What’s its purpose? What are the plans for the future? The doc embarks on a journey to explore the behind-the-scenes of Matienzo, introducing us to the conflicts it has encountered and the relationships it has forged.

Agustín Jais: Donde la gente se besa

Agustín Jais is to open an exhibition created in conjunction with the artists of more than 100 shows in Matienzo that took places between 2008 – 2018, demonstrating through artwork the bountiful list of contributors it has worked with.

Lula Bauer: Los Ojos Atrás

Similar to the work of Jais, Bauer is working to put together a photography exhibition, made up of photographs taken in Matienzo backstage and in other cultural spaces in Buenos Aires.

Guadalupe Arriegue

This artist, invited by Magazine Amo Villa Crespo, will also tap into the world of photography, creating an open-air intervention on the streets with photographs of the neighborhood, to imagine the future of this public space.

Pablo Boffelli

This artist has renewed the murals of the Club to celebrate 10 years of friendship, an element completely unique to Matienzo.

Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249 | Saturday 9 PM-5 AM, Sunday 3 PM-10 PM | Free Entry | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter