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City Of Buenos Aires Residents Spend 13 days Commuting Every Year

By | [email protected] | November 1, 2016 5:04pm


Porteños spends an average of 76 minutes per day traveling to and from work, which adds up to 13 days per year.

For those who have to transfer between two different modes of transport, that number is much higher and can add up to 18 days per year, according to a survey by the local consultancy Poliarquía that was published in La Nación.

Talk about a potentially long holiday that is, instead, spent crammed into a bus or subway. What’s more, this isn’t even taking into account any initial waiting time independently of the length of the journey.

Speaking to La Nación, commuter Gisel Difeo describes how she is often let down by public transport: “If the 60 doesn’t come, sometimes I take a taxi to the subway or, if not, I’ll walk straight to work. But I live in Saavedra and work in Palermo so I have about two hours of walking. If I can take the bus, the trip takes half an hour.”

Though the City of Buenos Aires population is relatively stable at around three million people, the number of people within the capital’s limits doubles during the day as 2.95 million people commute from the Greater Buenos Aires region.