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The Most Delicious Churros in Buenos Aires

A list of our 4 top churro spots around town to satisfy your sweet tooth.

By | [email protected] | October 17, 2019 10:30am

churrosPhoto via Unsplash

Ah, the humble churro. It doesn’t matter if you dip it in chocolate, stuff it with dulce de leche or dust it with Oreo, there’s basically no bad way to eat one. There’s also no bad time to eat a churro, they make the ultimate breakfast, afternoon pick-me-up, or late night pre-emptive hangover cure.

The churro’s soft, crunchy, sugar-covered, charm has been captivating taste buds for hundreds of years now. And although Argentina by no means invented them, they were brought over to South America by Spanish colonizers in the 16th century, that hasn’t stopped Buenos Aires from doing its best to perfect this classic pastry. And while I’m a die-hard fan of park and plaza churro vendors, (support the hustle) it must also be said that they can’t always compete with the new wave of gourmet churros taking over the city and your Instagram feed.

If all this churro-talk is giving you cravings, read on to uncover the four best churrerías in Buenos Aires.

Alain Delon Churrería

Photo via Fondo De Olla

This 60’s-mod inspired churerría is named after none other than Alain Delon, one of the most notable French actors and sex-symbols of the era. At Alain Delon Churrería, they’ve drawn inspiration from this icon to create exciting and unconventional gourmet churros that live up to the name. The shop, located in Caballito, has a ton of flavorful options that feature unique key ingredients. In the savory category there are churros filled with avocado and there’s even an option with blue cheese and pear chutney. On the sweeter side, there are tons of great options, but the tiramisu with chocolate flavor or the peanut butter with chocolate and cereal sprinkles seem extra delicious. When you’re done, follow up your gourmet churro with one of the four frosty milkshakes on the menu for an unforgettable treat and/or diabetic coma.

Alain Delon Churreria | Av. Pedro Goyena 289 | Tuesday – Sunday, 7:30AM-8PM | Instagram | Facebook | Website

Chuck Churros & Co.

Photo via Chuck Churros

Having opened its doors only about three and half months ago, it may seem like Chuck Churros & Co. is the new kid on the (churro) block. But in reality, they’ve been on the pop-up scene since January 2018, wheeling their their classic churros from locale to locale around Buenos Aires. Although the inauguration of their brick and mortar shop in Palermo marks a big change for the company, their tasty recipe and high quality products have stayed exactly the same. The churros at Chuck’s come in two sizes, either full or mini-bites, in classic flavors like plain, bathed in chocolate, and topped with Oreo or almonds. The mini’s versions come in a few extra flavors like the dulce de leche or Nutella-stuffed bites. Regardless of if you go for the full or the mini size, be sure to order one of the decadent side dips to compliment your treat. The dip comes in dulce de leche, Nutella, or bon-bon, giving you plenty of ways to mix, match, and uncover your favorite churro+sauce combo.

Chuck Churros & Co | Nicaragua 4457 | Tuesday – Sunday, 9AM-12PM, 4-7:30PM | Instagram | Facebook | Website

Juan Pedro Caballero

Photo via Raphael Fernandes

At Juan Pedro Caballero, they’re committed to transforming the traditional churro from a plain-old merienda option into a tantalizing new temptation. While the menu starts off with the classics like plain, chocolate-covered and dulce-stuffed, the real stars at Juan Pedro Caballero are their fancy churros, or what they’ve labeled the 9 temple sins. These specialty churros range from a merengue-covered lemon pie flavor, to a tropical passion fruit, mango, and coconut combo, all the way to a prosciutto-wrapped and tomato-garlic paste-stuffed flavor. Each churro is made fresh to order at the Thames street location in Palermo where they also sell delectable chocolates and coffee. On your next visit to Juan Pedro Caballero, we recommend trying out a savory churro followed up with a sweet, rich hot chocolate so you can experience the best of both worlds.

Juan Pedro Caballero | Thames 1719 | Tuesday – Sunday, 10:30AM-8PM| Instagram | Facebook | Website

Fábrica de Churros Olleros

Photo via Fabrica de Churros

This classic churrería located in Villa Crespo has been serving up the same delicious churros since 1963. In those 56 years of experience, Fábrica de Churros Olleros has perfected their recipe and converted generations of customers into die-hard fans. A dozen plain churros goes for AR $130 and for just AR $30 more, you could get a dozen stuffed with dulce de leche or pastry cream at AR $160. Best of all, Fábrica de Churros Olleros opens at 4AM daily, making it the perfect place to sweeten any early morning or end the perfect night out. No matter what time of day you go, this mom & pop shop is the ideal spot for satisfying your sweet-tooth, without all of the extra bells and whistles.

Fábrica de Churros Olleros | Olleros 4169 | Everyday 4AM-8PM | Instagram | Facebook

Bonus Track: CINNABAR Premium Rolls

Photo via Cinnabar

Okay, so Cinnabar doesn’t serve churros, but it *does* sell a type of delicious, sugary dough that we thought deserves a special shout-out. These gourmet cinnamon rolls come in a variety of flavors like chocolate, dulce de leche, and even Oreo, to name a few. And while Cinnabar doesn’t have a traditional brick and mortar business, you can find their rolls stocked at a ton of amazing cafes around Buenos Aires. Their cinnamon rolls are featured at Serendipity Cafe, Import Coffee Co., Cafe Negro, Cuervo Coffee, Rondo Cafe, and select other few. If none of those shops are close to you, don’t fret, you can follow the Cinnabar Instagram page to stay up to date with their pop-up events happening around the city.

CINNABAR Premium Rolls | Instagram