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Chubut Is First Argentine Province To Fully Legalize Cannabis Oil

By | [email protected] | September 23, 2016 2:45pm


Marking a first for Argentina, Cannabis oil has been incorporated into the public health scheme in Chubut province, to treat Dravet Syndrome, a form of severe epilesy. Governor Mario Das Neves sealed the approval this week to treat the disease that is most common in infants.

“I am very pleased as affected families no longer needed to travel to Customs in Buenos Aires to receive treatment for the illness,” Chubut legislator Gustavo Fita told Télam. He also highlighted the success of cannabis oil as a treatment, noting some patients have managed to decrease the number of seizures from 60 to two or three less intense seizures weekly.

In Chubut, the story of Carola and daughter Micaela, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome has shown the success of Cannabis oil as a treatment. Under traditional treatment, Micaela had to take as many as 27 different pills daily with little chance of successful control.

Although originally hesitant to try the treatment, “It has improved the situation by more than 90 percent, her quality of life is near normal now. She has seen a notable improvement, can walk, eat alone and doesn’t need an oxygen supply,” Carola told Télam.

Carolina and Mic

Chubut may be a small province and cannabis oil a small step but it comes at a time when it has already sparked an immediate response for a national law, not only for epilepsy treatment, but for all medical conditions .

“It has opened up possibilities to move forward with the use of Cannabis oil as a treatment, but it’s insufficient because we need a national law and local production,” said Ana María Nicora, the head of the CAMEDA medical cannabis organization.