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Here’s A Photo Sequence Of Chilean President Piñera Landing On His Face

By | [email protected] | August 30, 2013 8:52pm


To continue with the theme of “presidents who embarrass themselves,” here is an absolutely hilarious photo sequence that you just won’t be able to stop looking at, courtesy of BioBioChile.

It seems that Chilean president Sebastián Piñera attended the demolition ceremony of an apartment complex in the city of Puente Alto and as he was “inspecting the scene” alongside Housing Minister Rodrigo Pérez and mayor Germán Codina, the head of state lost his footing and fell head first on top of the debris.

Codina, who was standing close to him, ran to his rescue and only made the situation worse, as the awkward exchange between the two grown men created a photo sequence that immediately went viral and exploded on the twittersphere.


Mayor: “And that, Mr. President, is called an excavator.” Piñera: “Aha.”

"Careful sir, you don't want to slip."

Mayor: “Careful sir, you don’t want to slip.” Piñera: “Shut up, let me play in peace.”

"Oh, boy"

Piñera: “Oh, boy…”

"Damn it, Agent Bob. That's exactly the place you DON'T want to grab while I'm falling!"

Mayor: “I got you… er… your crotch.”



*moans in pain*

Piñera: *moans in pain*

And then, of course, this: