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Chile Food Festival Comes To Buenos Aires This Saturday

By | [email protected] | September 22, 2015 6:49pm


It seems Buenos Aires has been eating its way through the best foods the world has to offer since the start of year. Scotland, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Bolivia and Brazil, among others have all had their culinary cultures celebrated at ferias and festivals throughout the city. Hell, even Basque country got its 15 seconds of gastronomic fame here in May. Last week the city played host to a festival celebrating Southeast Asian cuisine but this coming weekend it’s all about Argentina’s favorite frenemy, Chile.

Perhaps for once both countries can put aside their notorious rivalry. Yes, there is competition regarding who produces the best vino tinto and yes, football *sigh*, but let’s forget about these tensions for one Saturday afternoon and focus on the food because quite frankly, eating fried cheese empanadas is more important than bickering about whether Sanchez performs better than Tevez.

Avenida de Mayo is being closed off to traffic this Saturday because an invasion of Chilean gastronomy is coming to Buenos Aires from 1PM onwards. Prepare yourselves for humitas, milloquín, milcaos, fried cheese empanadas, sopaipillas and completos (Chile’s version of the American hot dog with more toppings than dog), among other taste bud-jolting exquisiteness.

As usual these cultural intercambios organized by the city of Buenos Aires and respective embassies, don’t just stop at the food trucks – not that I’d complain. In addition to tasting the mouth-watering specialities you’ll be able to bring home a piece of Chile with you from the traditional artisan stands. There will even be food for you to buy for later as opposed to eat on the spot, not that you’ll resist.

Where is it? Avenida de Mayo y Bolivar

When is it? Saturday 26 from 1PM