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Tan Biónica Lead Singer Gets Predictable Video Game Treatment

By | [email protected] | August 11, 2015 4:54pm


[UPDATE: The Shitty Games page seems to be down, maybe due to high traffic or maybe because someone threatened to sue.]

Oh Shitty Games, you never cease to entertain us.

A few days after Santiago “Chano” Moreno Charpentier — lead singer of pop sensation “Tan Biónica” — provoked a massive accident by crashing into eight cars while driving against traffic under the influence of drugs and alcohol,  electronic entertainment company Shitty Games has capitalized on the event by presenting us a new game.

As they did after the Katana episode, in which a man used a Japanese sword to butcher three robbers who had tried to rob his house, the awesome people behind Shitty Games have created “Chanogeddon,” an 8-bit video game in which you can play Pinball with Chano’s car and try to mimic the trail of destruction he left behind.

Chano, who could’ve caused a real tragedy, received heavy criticism for his actions, especially from the Internet at large, which in its infinite wisdom lambasted him with a never-ending supply of memes mocking both the accident and his singing. (His music, which is mostly aimed at a teenage audience, has both die-hard fans and devoted haters).

The premise of the game is simple. To earn points (“damage money”) you have to crash Chano’s car (the ball) into as many cars as possible and finally end at the gates where his car came to a rest (the flippers). If you lose, the angry mob that got the singer out of his car and beat the shit out of him so hard he ended in the hospital will come and unleash hell on you.

To top it all, the game has an 8-bit version of one of the group’s most famous songs, “Ciudad Mágica,” playing in the background. It might sound familiar, since the PRO party regularly played it to celebrate its victories following BA City elections, events that often featured leader Mauricio Macri dancing in an awkward yet sublime manner.

Click here to play.

Once again, Shitty Games, you’ve outdone yourselves. Oh and here are some memes.