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Ceviche Heaven: Peruvian Creole Week is Hitting BA

Get ready to sample as many pisco sours as humanly possible.

By | [email protected] | November 5, 2018 9:00am

la-causa-nikkei-causaPhoto via Working Chef

In the last few years, Peruvian cuisine has surged in popularity. Move over sushi, ceviche has become the new global raw seafood obsession. Chefs like Gastón Acurio and Erik Ramirez have revolutionized the food market, bringing classics like lomo saltado and cuy al horno (Guinea pig: not for the faint-hearted) to the global gourmet scene.

The national dishes’ recent popularity globally is not without reason: the variety of taste and spice in Peruvian food far surpasses any other Latin American dish (in my opinion, so no rage please). This may be due to the country acting as a melting pot of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds from the indigenous population, to immigrants from Europe, Japan, and West Africa.

The rich tastes are from also geographically part of the nation as Peruvians are blessed with other 300 varieties of ají (chili peppers) from sweet to hot, from the popular rocoto peppers to the ají amarillo, which turns orange and sweeter as it matures. Unlike the Argentines, Peruvians can handle their spice, and “black pepper” is not a spicy addition to their meals.

Buenos Aires, in fact, is home to many Peruvian restaurants and one of Gastón’s projects La Mar, franchised from his original restaurant in Lima, is proudly situated in our city (and dangerously close to Bubble HQ). Peruvian restaurants have set up camp all over Buenos Aires, from amazing value joints like La Conga, where you can feed a family of four for under AR $500, to fancy Nikkei spots like Osaka.

To cater to this ever-growing band of Peruvian culinary whizzes, The Association of Peruvian Restaurants in Buenos Aires was thus launched as a network, supporting the cuisine in the city. For the first time ever, the Association is holding a Semana de la Cocina Criolla Peruana en Argentina from November 5-11, where a great number of restaurants are getting involved and creating special promotions where you can sample as much chaufa as you can stomach.

The deal of the week is a discounted three-course meal complete with a chilcano (a dangerously drinkable cocktail made with the famous Peruvian spirit pisco) to wash it down with. The meal starts with ceviche – as it would be rude not to – then lomo saltado which is essentially sirloin beef strips with fries, onions, tomatoes, and served with rice, and anticuchos which is Peruvian street meat kebabs, typically made with beef heart (!).

Some of our favorite restaurants that are involved in this deal are Tanta y La Mar by Gastón Acurio, which need no introduction. La Causa Nikkei, Osaka, and La Canoa in Almagro are also three popular, slightly swanky Peruvian spots, whereas Quechua, Chan Chan, and Xilantro are more authentic, no-frills kind of spots perfect for the family or big groups. You can see the full list of Peruvian spots involved here. 

Semana de la Cocina Criolla Peruana en Argentina | November 5- 11, 2018 | Different restaurants around the city | Facebook