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Centeno’s Wife Said He Kept the Notebooks to Blackmail Baratta

"I ended up using them instead," Hilda Horovitz told a Noticias journalist.

By | [email protected] | August 3, 2018 12:04pm

clarinPhoto via Clarín

Hilda Horovitz, ex-wife of Oscar Centeno, the driver at the center of the massive corruption scandal that surfaced on August 1st and detailed an alleged complex scheme involving bribes during the Néstor and Cristina Kirchner administrations, said her former husband kept the now infamous notebooks to blackmail his boss Roberto Baratta, in case he decided to fire him.

“When the [Kirchner] administration was about to end, his intended to say something like ‘If [Roberto] Baratta doesn’t take me with him,’ or ‘If Baratta doesn’t get me a driving job somewhere else, I’ll reveal the existence of the notebooks. However, I ended up using them,” she says in one of the audios.

Horovitz was referencing the fact that she is actually the one who kicked off what it is now one of the largest political scandals in recent memory. She and Centeno were together for nine years, but broke up in 2016.

In November last year, and in the context of another case, Horovitz unexpectedly appeared before Judge Bonadio and revealed Centeno’s shady activities. The driver apparently had decided to keep the notebooks secret for the time being because he was still working sporadically for Baratta.

La Nación reported that as a result of her statements, Centeno, fearing detention and the discovery of the notebooks, handed them over to a friend for safekeeping. That’s when journalist Diego Cabot accessed them and decided to hand over copies to the courts so they could decide whether to pursue an investigation. However, the originals are now nowhere to be found. Yesterday, Federal Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli visited two of Centeno’s properties to retrieve them, but came up empty handed.

Horovitz revealed this information via audio message to a journalist working for Noticias political outlet, and are part of a broader interview that will be published in the upcoming issue of the magazine. The audios were played last night on the Animales Sueltos TV show.