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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Buenos Aires

Out of ideas? Me too but don’t give up.

By | [email protected] | February 12, 2020 8:15pm

san valentinUgh. Gross.


Another year, another reason to feel under pressure to impress.

So here are a few ideas about where to take your significant other and/or others. Because throuples.

I know, I know. We love to chide and mock people who get excited about celebrating Valentine’s Day. After all, we’re millennials. And after being taught about prince charmings and happy princesses and other unrealistic expectations force fed by Disney, we suddenly became Elaine Benes or Hanna Horvath or some other cynical character who doesn’t really give a damn about V-Day. (In fact, calling it “V-Day” sounds like some sort of vampire apocalypse. But I digress.) Valentine’s Day these days is celebrated ironically by many of us. Sure, your aunt Marta will send you a sparkly Tweety bird gif on Friday. And millions of self-centered teenagers will be demanding their chocolate roses to their significant others, but mostly because of the chocolate.
Truth is, Valentine’s Day was brought to life by Hallmark and assassinated by Tinder (or Grindr).
Still, kids these days (that’s us) somehow find the time to celebrate it without taking it too seriously. And since Buenos Aires is allegedly the Paris of South America (don’t @ me), that must mean this is the Latin American version of the city of lovers too.
So without any further, here are a few options for you this Friday, courtesy of The Bubble:

El Rosedal

I know, so cliche. A place filled with roses and Brazilian tourists But if you grab a birra from the kiosko, that can certainly bring down the saccharine levels to make it palatable. Think about it. You. Me. Birra. Roses. The summer sunset. Pensalo.

Palacio Duhau

If birra and les pibxs are not your thing, why not splurge instead? I mean, Donald Trump is President so classy is in the eye of the beholder.

Take a stroll down the Palacio Duhau garden in Recoleta and grab a mimosa with your lover as you pretend to be a part of the 1%. And by that I mean 1% of the people who have a normal, loving, non-toxic relationship.

Villa Ocampo Observatorio UNESCO

I know what you’re thinking. “How can I possibly afford this?!” And you’re right. But a) you can and b) your throuple deserves it so shut up and put up. Whose idea was it to have two significant others instead of one, huh? In this economy?!

But this one is definitely a must, as the menu, curated by chef Jérôme Mathe, includes:

Also, because this is definitely a spectacular option, all couples will get a bottle of Trumpeter Reserve Rosé. (Not valid for thropples… sorry!)

Address: Elortondo 1837, Beccar, Buenos Aires. Reservations: + 54 11 6059 5862.

Oh, and if Beccar is too far away for you, then you can always try some other options that are closer to home (home being Palermo Hollywood, that is) and that offer similar exclusive menu, courtesy of Rutini Wines:

Alo’s: Blanco Encalada 2120, Boulogne, Buenos Aires. Reservations: + 54 11 4737 1246

Casa Cavia: Cavia 2985, CABA. Reservations: + 54 11 4809 8600

Cosi Mi Piace

I’m sorry, but if you’re one of those people who say Guerrin is the best pizzeria in Buenos Aires, please show yourself out. As we all know, Cosi Mi Piace in Palermo Soho is one the best pizzas in town. So if you want some finger-lickin’ romance this Friday, you can try their Valentine’s Day special for romantic couples: AR $2300 and you get appetizer, entree and glass of fine wine. Face it, it’s almost as good as the kind of Valentine’s Day images your aunt Gladys will send to your WhatsApp family group.

Cooking and Dining and Netflix and Chill

Oh, come on. It’s been a tough year so it’s perfectly understandable if you’re running a little low on cash and want to be romantic some other way: preparing a great dinner that will make you look like the amazing catch that you are. Your parents were right. You are special. So make your lover feel the same way by preparing some pasta and opening a decent bottle of wine from the chino. After all, isn’t that what we all need? And then you can “Netflix and chill” or just Netflix and chill for real and binge watch the entire season of Pandemic so you can be even more afraid of the coronavirus.

That stuff is scary.