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Carlos Tevez Arrives To Throngs Of Fans And Photographers In China

By | [email protected] | January 19, 2017 2:09pm


On Jan. 19, Carlos Tevez arrived at Shanghai and was welcomed by a mass of fans greeting him with a level of enthusiasm that you would think he must have solved world peace or something. Many presented their new player with a multitude of gifts, including flowers, Shenhua scarves and jerseys.

The Shanghai airport was filled with fans sporting both Shenhua and Argentina jerseys. Some waved huge banners, some held pictures, and others just kept clicking away with their cameras.

Tevez is the newest addition to the Shenhua team in China, recently signing a contract with the team and being offered a pay of USD 40 million for each season of the two seasons he has been contracted for. This contract is thought to make Tevez the best paid football player in the world. His former team, Boca, “sold him” for USD 10 million.

Although this is a great amount of money paid to the Argentine club, the Chinese football administration said they want to stop and limit the “irrational investments” of the Chinese teams.

(Photo via La Nacion)

(Photo via La Nacion)