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Can’t Catch A Break: Scioli Gets His Phone Stolen At His Own Loyalty Day Rally

By | [email protected] | October 18, 2016 1:53pm


Former governor of the Buenos Aires province, Daniel Scioli, yesterday confirmed that when it comes to politics and political events, nothing seems to go his way ever since he lost the presidential elections last year. What happened now? Someone stole his mobile phone at, wait for it, his own rally in commemoration of Peronist Loyalty Day (Día de la Lealtad Peronista).

According to people close to Scioli, the former governor believes his phone fell from his pocket when he leaned to greet a woman. Regardless of how it stopped being in his pocket — it can effectively have fallen, the woman may be a master at pick-pocketing, the possibilities are endless — the phone was turned off minutes later and consequently stolen. Here’s to hoping he had it insured.


The former presidential candidate for the Victory Front (FpV) yesterday held his own rally in commemoration of the Peronist Loyalty Day in the district of Berisso, in the Buenos Aires province. La Matanza Mayor Veronica Magario and Justicialist Party (PJ) head in the province, Fernando Espinoza were also present. Probably before realizing his phone had been stolen, Scioli called for the unity of Peronism, which is currently going through a deep division since last year’s electoral defeat.

Scioli was just one of many Peronist leaders who held their own rallies as they each expect to emerge as the new face of Peronism ahead of next year’s mid-term elections.

“Many criticize me for my loyalty but know that I was, am and will be loyal to general [Juan Domingo] Perón, social justice, all social policies that have been enacted and fundamentally to the essence of our movement, which is activism,” he said at the rally.

If anyone saw who took Scioli’s cellphone or has any information about it, please send an email to [email protected], we will try to get it back to him. Come on, be nice to him. He’s not having the greatest year.