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Ok Camalotes, You're Pretty And All But You're Blocking Our Water Supply

By | [email protected] | January 25, 2016 3:14pm

Puerto Madero Source: Diario 26

You know those pretty grass-like plants you may have noticed blanketing water bodies in and around the city? Well turns out that these blades that have made a lovely green backdrop for your Puerto Madero selfies are bad news bears for your water supply.

Camalotes, as these green suckers are called here, are grass-like plants native to South American waters. As warned by the Argentine Water and Sanitation (AySA) company yesterday in a press release, heavy winds on Saturday night brought in a small army of camalotes which have caused a water blockage at the main water treatment tower in General San Martín. Basically, a combination of the above environmental factors, including flooding from the La Plata River, have “slowed down water purification and prevented the water treatment plant from providing the usual volume of water this time of year, especially when high temperatures have created a high demand for water.” 

Now this could be frustrating for those of you who like long showers and drink a lot of water, or just prefer strong water pressure. AySA explained that in the current situation “there might be low pressure and /or lack of water in some areas of the city and in Greater Buenos Aires Area.”

So now that the potable water supply in the city is low,  especially in Palermo, AySA is asking for us “to cooperate with them by taking increase caution with drinking water, and by using water reasonably.”

But don’t worry, camalotes won’t be affecting our water supply for too long. And as weather conditions will begin to normalize within the next few days, you’ll be back to doing this again: