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Bye Bye Butter: Expect Shortages Due To Drop In Milk Production

By | [email protected] | August 2, 2016 12:40pm


Bye bye butter is the newest anthem sweeping Argentina. While the cooking oil nightmares did not live up to their rumors, supermarkets will apparently see butter shortages due to dairy farms’ decisions to produce less less. We’ll miss you so, manteca. Our toast will be dry and our potatoes bland without you. As for our medialunas, I can’t let my mind wander to such dark places.

National Dairy Industry Undersecretary Alejandro Sammartino explained there was a drop in milk production in the provinces of Santa Fe and Cordoba, which were ravaged by floods earlier this year (thus affecting local farms and, yes, cows). He also attributed to drop to “seasonal” effects such as the increased consumption of butter “by housewives in the kitchen.” That’s right, it’s all Mom’s fault.

Goodbye creamy mashed potatos and butter rockets. Photo via

Goodbye creamy mashed potatos and butter rockets. Photo via

Agriculture Minister Ricardo Buryaile was a bit more comprehensive in his explanation, yesterday admitting that “there will be butter shortages” because “there have been executive decisions to make [more] cheese since it’s more profitable.”

Buryaile explained that since less milk is to be produced, this will impact dairy products, such as butter and cheese. And since cheese is more profitable than butter, dairy farmers are focusing their energies on cheese.

He added that the government will not intervene in the price of butter but may try to “persuade” markets to sell butter at a certain price.

Twitter users have already been dealing with their emotions but be warned, not all are sympathetic during these butter-less times.

“I thought that eamo edited more.”

“Guys, let’s be serious, putting butter on noodles was unsustainable.”

“They can steal butter but they can’t stop spring.”

“When you go to the supermarket and they want to charge you AR $60 for one butter.”