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Bus Transporting Argentine High Schoolers Crashed In Brazil: 3 Dead

By | [email protected] | December 16, 2016 10:44am


A bus transporting high school graduates from the Misiones province last midnight crashed in Brazil, resulting in the death of three people: two students and an adult coordinator. There are also at least 15 injured, who have been taken to different medical facilities in the area.

The bus had left the provincial capital of Posadas at 2 PM yesterday and was transporting 69 people — 62 students from different high schools around the province, five adults plus the two drivers — to the Brazilian city of Camboriú, in the State of Santa Catarina, for their graduation trip, a common tradition among students in Argentina (Viaje de Egresados). 

Initial police reports suggest the cause of the accident was that the driver fell asleep, resulting in the bus going off the road and falling off a four meter cliff in São Luiz Gonzaga, a town in the Brazilian state of Río Grande Do Sul.

“I was next to the driver, fell asleep for two seconds and when I woke up I was at the side of the road, I’d been ejected from the bus,” one of the trip coordinators recalled.

Moreover, Carlos Ayala, Argentine Consul in the Uruguayana region — where the accident took place — said that “we are trying to gather first-hand information with the authorities, the wounded were taken to different facilities depending on the severity of their wounds.” He went on to explain the area is near a very small town and that the route is usually taken by Argentine tourists heading to Brazil.

A spokesperson for the Brazilian road police informed that the “Argentine 30-year-old driver has been taken into custody, accused of culpable homicide [meaning he didn’t have the intention to carry it out but is responsible anyway because of his imprudence, negligence or incompetence] , and is testifying in a nearby police station.”