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In Ironic Twist, Security Minister Bullrich Gets Blamed For Time Warp Tragedy Too

By | [email protected] | April 25, 2016 3:27pm

Rover, you idiot! Those pills don

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich’s War on Drugs has come back to bite her in the backside: in the latest turn of the blame game that began last weekend following the deaths of five young people following their consumption of ecstasy-based pills at the Time Warp music festival, the finger is now pointed squarely at her.

The Victory Front (FpV) caucus in the Lower House presented a summons today to have Bullrich answer to what the deputies see as her culpable behavior as the head of the coast guard, which was responsible for providing security at the event.

“The coast guard would have effectively participated in the creation of a ‘free zone’ [in which drugs could be sold],” a deputy claimed.

Last week, Prosecutor Federico Delgado who is in charge of investigating the deaths of the five Time Warp attendees said he believed there had been a “free zone” in which drugs were freely sold during the concert and argued that said free zone could only have existed with the implicit knowledge and inaction of the coast guard providing security at the event. He accused a “triangle” consisting of the event’s private security, the coast guard and the City Government of being responsible for the tragedy.

The FpV deputies claim they are also concerned by what they see as Bullrich’s bid to protect the coast guard rather than have them be investigated. As local media has pointed out, this isn’t the first time Bullrich stands by her forces following such an incident: back in February, she was showered with attacks after appearing by the beside of a police officer who’d allegedly shot rubber bullets at a group of children participating in a musical encounter called a murga. Not great in terms of PR, to say the least.

Rover, you idiot! Those pills don

Rover, you idiot! Those pills don’t contain ecstasy. No more belly rubs for you! Photo via

Bullrich’s response to the whole affair has been that authorities need to be stricter. Parents need to be stricter. The government needs to be stricter. The War on Drugs must be tighter. This has all been said countless times already, with little evidence to show that it works in any way. If it did, I wouldn’t be writing this now.

A taste of her own medicine? Maybe this will show Bullrich that continuing down the road of the blame game does little in terms of remedying the situation. Unfortunately, we doubt it.