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Goya, Picasso, and Dalí: The Bullfighting Exhibition Hitting Buenos Aires

The Larreta Museum will act as host venue for this historic collection.

By | [email protected] | October 18, 2018 4:08pm


Calling all art fans, tomorrow, October 19th at 7 PM the Goya + Picasso + Dalí: Art and Bullfighting exhibit will take over the Enrique Larreta Spanish Art Museum. Here you’ll have the chance to see around thirty works from the greatest artists and pioneers of modernism, cubism, and surrealism in history. This is definitely another exhibit you won’t want to miss.

And don’t worry if you’re too busy hitting the bars tomorrow evening because the exhibition will remain open until January 6th, where you will also have the opportunity to partake in a wide a array of activities fit for all ages.

The pivotal theme of this exhibition is of course bullfighting, a controversial topic that brings both passion and hatred. The artists’ work delineates their encounters throughout life with these animals through a combination of engravings and lithographic prints. Within Spanish art itself there’s an array of  contexts, styles, and meanings, giving the exhibition a wide scope of diversity and interest.

Goya. Estampa 20. Ligereza y atrevimiento de Juanito Alpiñani en la de Madrid

Art by Goya (Photo via Clarín)

The works of Francisco de Goya (1749-1828) delve into the artistic form of modality where dozens of his work illustrate how Spaniards would historically hunt bulls on horseback. Picasso (1881-1973) is said to be the creator of cubism and apparently developed a strong fondness for bulls and bullfighting at a young age. Since then it was a recurrent theme within many of his works. From Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), there are several pieces demonstrating  his fascination with the animal, displaying the “surrealism of bullfighting.”

Image result for Goya + Picasso + Dalí and Bullfighting

Art by Dalí (Photo via 1stDibs)

There will also be works from other international artists, including Emeric Essex Vidal who explores a more Argentine perspective on the topic, combining different forms of art to portray bullfighting in Buenos Aires in the 19th century.

It’s important to convey that this exhibition isn’t about starting a heated feud, or start an anti-bullfighting campaign. Delfina Helguera, the director of Larreta said to La Nación: “The artistic look comes first, with this exhibition we are not making an apology for the bullfights but we are showing three great Spanish artists who dealt with this issue, which is very Spanish, and we also comment on the anti-bullfighting attitude.”

It’s time to leave the politics at home (just for one evening), and perhaps take time to enjoy and appreciate art by some of the most legendary creators of all time.

Picasso. Alceando a un toro, c. 1957

Art by Picasso (Photo via Clarín)

Goya + Picasso + Dalí. Art and Bullfighting

Opening: Friday, October 19th at 7 PM

Closing: January 6, 2019.

Location:  Larreta Museum, Av. Juramento 2291 – Belgrano

Visiting Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 12-7 PM; Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10 AM-8 PM

General Admission: AR $30 | Thursdays – Free| Under 12, retired, and students with accreditation – Free