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Buenos Aires Undercover: 10 Places To Get Weird And Learn Stuff

By | [email protected] | August 18, 2015 4:30pm


Still feeling the pangs of regret over missing that improv theatre class during undergrad? Dreaming of impressing your friends with an impromptu arabic belly-dance performance at your next previa? Stop blaming your mom for not letting you take guitar classes for fear of you would end up a misfit and take advantage of the plethora of workshops and affordable classes being offered throughout the city. Now you are a mature young millennial and it is your god given right to invest (your time at least) into something totally useless but entirely soul affirming.

Quechua language classes, Peruvian percussion workshops, African dance, scenography, photo seminars – Buenos Aires really is capable of gratifying the most fastidious of tastes. The Bubble took a look at the various cultural centers in the city and has found 10 of the best under the radar spots to pursue a new hobby. You do you boo.

Centro Cultural del Sur

Where: Barracas (Av Caseros 1750)

What to get into: folkloric dances and singing, yoga, tango, theatre and the art of (legitimate) massage

Other things to do: If you are dying to know what Argentine contemporary folk music scene looks like, this is the place. There are also theatre and clown shows for children, along with fine art exhibitions on weekends. They have been known to through the occasional medieval fair too. 

Price: Free

Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel

Where: Chacarita (Olleros 3640)

What to get into: playwriting, creative writing, tango.

Other things to do: What activities would you expect to find in a cultural center named after Argentina’s tango singing sweetheart? Theatre… OK sure. There are free performances on Wednesday and intense theatre workshop for children.

Price: Free

Centro Cultural Casona Humahuaca

Where: Almagro (Humahuaca 3508)

To level up in: quechua language and indian culture, afro-uruguayan drum-tradition candombe, spontaneous theatre acting workshops, brazilian dances, yoga

What to get into: Casona Humahuaca will best suit those in the alternative and new age crowd. You can find some collective psychological workshops, theological open discussions, pagan singing performances and other weird but exciting activities. If you’re feeling less esoteric, you can grab something at the bar and play some board games.

Price: 40 – 400 pesos

Centro Cultural Lola Mora

Where: Almagro (Río de Janeiro 946)

What to get into: scenography, classes of guitar, salsa, tango and greek dance, comic drawing and film workshops.

Other things to do: What Lola Mora lacks in variety it makes up for with quality. From the little we know, professors that teach in the cultural center, share the same values as Lola Mora, an Argentine sculptor, a rebel and a pioneer of women in her artistic field. See photo below – they are making Lola proud at the   march against domestic violence #NiUnaMenos.

Price: Free

El Sexto Kultural

Where: Chacarita (Av. Federico Lacroze 4181)

What to get into: national and folkloric dance traditions from Africa to Colombia, contemporary dance, capoeira, karate and clown and circus art, percussion.

Price: varies.


Cafe Müller

Where: Villa Crespo (Lavalleja 1116)

What to get into: contemporary dance, experimental dance and theatre techniques.

Other things to do: Dance, dance, dance! Performances and dance focused theatre. First come and see how the beautiful shapes people stretch themselves into and then you become one of them.

Price: inscription by RSVP

Espacio Punto Aparte

Where: Villa Crespo (Av. Angel Gallardo 187)

What to get into: everything connected to photography. Workshops for kids, photograph exhibitions, black and white film development workshops, comprehensive and intensive photo courses, and film courses.

Other things to do: they will teach you, but they won’t exhibit you.

Price: inscription by RSVP

La Minga Club Cultural

Where: Boedo (Maza 1165)

What to get into: contemporary dance, Tai Chi, creative writing, art of caricatura, different kinds of music workshops. They also organize art classes for kids.

Other things to do: Nights with flamenco, milonga, tango and theatre performances reveal the secrets of Argentine soul with its passion and European heritage.  

Price: 50-400 peso depending on the activity

Espacio Aguirre

Where: Villa Crespo, Aguirre 1270

What to get into: clownery. Yes, it´s hard to believe but not everyone sees clowns as being terrifying. For those fascinated by circus tricks, Espacio Aguirre prepared series of professional workshops, courses and seminars. There are also lectures on theatre theory.

Other things to do: Apart from clown school, the center works as a theatre with intense program of performances.

Price: 500-1000 pesos

Tato Bores Centro Cultural

Where: Palermo (Soler 3929)

What to get into: arabic dance, scenography of tango, african dance, swing, vocal technique, writing and comic drawing.

Other things to do: With all the offered activities you unlikely will have time to do anything else

Price: Free