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Buenos Aires Subway Fares to Increase One Peso per Month Until February 2019

20 percent of porteños have changed how they get to work to save money

By | [email protected] | October 23, 2018 1:00pm

0608subtecedocgjpg-329633Photo via Perfil.

The government organization that manages the Buenos Aires subway system, Sbase, announced on Monday that come November it will raise subway (known as the Subte here) fares by one peso each month over the next four months — reaching a total of 16.50 pesos by February. And it’s already having an impact on how people decide to get to work.

The current price for a Subte ticket is AR $12.50. However, only two years ago it was  AR $7.50, and 20 years ago it was a mere AR $0.50. I know, it’s depressing.

The Subte is not the only public transportation service that has increased its prices recently: the minimum price for a bus ticket has gone from AR $10 in July to the current AR $13 pesos, and the minimum ticket for a train on the Mitre, San Martín, and Sarmiento lines went from AR $8.25 to AR $8.75 this month.

The increased price has had an impact on how people decide to commute to work. According to a study of 1,200 people around the country conducted by Adecco, 20 percent of people changed how they get to work because of the change in ticket price. Of those people, 27 percent started walking to work and 24 percent started to bike. The research also found that 60 percent of commuters use the bus to get to and from work instead of the Subte.

The details of these changes in transportation have a far reaching impact, as one in 10 of those interviewed for the study said that they spend 25 percent or more of their income on transportation to and from work, and 31 percent said that they spend 30–45 minutes each morning and evening in transit.