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Subte Fare Going Up Today (And Will Continue to Do So Until February)

Fares will increase by AR $1 each month until reaching AR $16.50 in February.

By | [email protected] | November 20, 2018 1:01pm

0608subtecedocgjpg-329633Photo via Perfil.

November 20th, 2018 marks the first of four monthly increases in subway fares. Prices have gone up from AR $12.50 to AR $13.50, and will reach AR $16.50 in February. In the case of the PreMetro, the climb will be AR $0.50 until reaching the AR $6, also in February.

These increases are reported by the Buenos Aires subway system operators (Sbase) to be down to multiple factors:”this update responds to multiple factors, such as the variation in the technical tariff – which reflects the service operation costs, and the need to balance the values of different modes of transport and contribute to the policy of reducing subsidies”.

Despite the rises, the document produced by Sbase to justify the decision explains that it will continue to be offering discounts to the cost of the ticket on the tiered system (20 percent, 30 percent and 40 percent of the ticket cost) depending on the number of trips made each month.

(Source: Metrovías) Travel discounts will still apply depending on your monthly usage

Sbase went on to indicate that “the benefit is cumulative with the UPS network, which automatically applies reductions of 50 percent and 75 percent by combining two or more means of transport in the metropolitan area, in the span of two hours.”

However, if a person takes the same means of transport in that period, the discount does not run. For example, if a user takes a subway and in less than two hours they take another, they must pay full fare in both cases. The discount allows the value of the trip to decrease only when different means of travel are combined, like, for example, to get off the subway and to take a train or, to take two groups of different line.