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In August, Negative SUBE Allowance Increases to AR $30

By | [email protected] | July 20, 2018 2:17pm

colectivo_de_buenos_aires(Photo via Catema Oficial)

Picture this: you’re late for work. You just *had* to get that café con leche on your way to the Subte (we don’t blame you) and now there is little time to spare. As you descend the escalator into the depths of the station and hear the train approach the platform, you speed-walk and swipe your SUBE card, hoping to snag one of the open seats you see in the distance. But the turnstile remains locked. You look down and, instead of seeing that oh-so-satisfying “Pase” message, you are confronted with the worst rush-hour inconvenience: needing to reload your SUBE. We’ve all been there.

Soon, those minor transit disasters should be less frequent for you and the 14 million other SUBE cardholders in Argentina. After the hike in the cost of public transportation, the government released resolution 114/2018 on the Boletín Oficial today to raise the maximum negative balance of your SUBE card from AR $20 to AR $30. The change, which will go into effect after the second week of August, is based on maintaining the permitted negative balance at three times the minimum fare.

Under the resolution, the Ministry of Transportation establishes “an instant recharge credit on SUBE cards equivalent to three times the value of the minimum fare, as established by the National Public Transportation Service for Urban and Suburban Passengers, whenever there is not a balance available to use and access the totality of public transport services, to be returned as a priority at the next accreditation of funds by the respective card user.”

The measure also dictates that from this point forward, instead of a fixed amount, the negative allowance shall change in tandem with any future adjustments to transportation costs so that it is equal to three bus fares (an amount which can also get you four subway rides and up to nine on the train).

Additionally, losing your card will cost you double the current amount to replace. Currently pegged at AR $25, this cost will also change along with transit fares at a rate of five times the cost of a bus ride. As such, a new SUBE card will cost AR $50 starting mid-August.