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Buenos Aires Makeover: What To Wear To Work Edition

By | [email protected] | June 28, 2016 3:00pm


The biting cold winter weather makes it difficult to get out of bed in the morning let alone think creatively about what you’re going to wear to work. This doesn’t mean you have to reach for the first crumpled thing on the floor (that you also wore yesterday) and let your sense of style go out of the window completely though.

Buenos Aires’ fashion scene gives you more than enough to play around with when it comes to workwear. For a bit of winter style inspiration, Sophie Lloyd took one of The Bubble’s very own journalists to Editor Market boutique and picked out three new office-casual winter looks for her.

Name: Talia Samuelson

Age: 28


On her personal style: I like to joke that my personal style is that I am always ready for glamorous warfare. I wear lots of black, lots of camp, lots of boots, lots of tight clothes. It’s pretty Argentine actually in that way.

Style icons:  Solange Knowles. Give me your clothes. And then your vibe so I can pull them off.

Go-to work outfit: We can wear what we want so jeans, brown short cowboy boots and my only wool sweater because it’s freezing. I wear it almost every day. My editor is like, “Talia, do you have other clothes?” No, I do not…

Look 1: Color Pick-me-up

Liven up your go-to casual jeans or all-black ensemble with a bold-colored blouse; something bright to make you stand out on the office floor and bring you out of that winter style funk. Then add some detail with a fun piece of jewelry or an edgy pair of boots or shoes. This is also a good transitional look so you can go straight from work to drinks after the office.

Fashion edit 3

Black jeans, Benjamina / Red shirt, Maria Cher / Necklace, Objetos Walk or Run / Leather boots, 144 Shoes (all available from Editor Market)

Look 2: Business Sassy

If your office dress code is no dress code, why not make it a point to dress up instead of down at least one day a week. It never hurts to look your best and a killer outfit might give you the confidence boost you need (or to impress a certain cute colleague). One of the season’s must-have is the classic bow blouse that’s undergone a makeover and is back in fashion. To avoid looking too much like a 1980s secretary, add a bit of attitude with a black leather skirt (and thick opaque tights) or some tailored wide-legged pants and opt for some more masculine leather loafers or brogues over girly stilettos.

fashion edit 2

White blouse with black bow, Roma Renom / Black leather skirt, Album / Leather loafers, Guido (all available from Editor Market)

Look 3: Tailored Edge

Add a dash of tailored elegance to your look, without feeling overdressed, with a sleeveless blazer. It’s become a highly coveted wardrobe staple over the last two seasons. It might not have sleeves but that makes it even more versatile as it allows you to layer up (layering is the key to surviving Buenos Aires’ unpredictable winters). Wear it with a button-down shirt or sweater, or polo neck knit on cold days, and when the temperature really drops, you can wear it as an extra layer under your winter coat. Offset the tailored look with a chunky metal cuff or other statement accessory and a pair of block heel shoes.

fashion edit 1

Striped fitted shirt and sleeveless blazer, both from Deleon / Black pants, Benjamina / Black leather platform shoes, C’est Fini (all available from Editor Market)

Warmer weather may still be a few months out but with a dose of winter wardrobe inspiration, a few extra minutes on the alarm clock and an industrial sized supply of tea you can brave the work week with a whole new (and stylish) lease on city life.