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The Bubble’s Ultimate Guide to Gay Pride in Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | November 16, 2017 2:47pm


Buenos Aires LGBTQ Pride – or Gay Pride, for SEO purposes – is set to take place this weekend in the city as spring deepens in the Southern Hemisphere and nature blooms and strews the streets with flowers. The main event this weekend is undoubtedly, what we call in Spanish, La Marcha — that is, the actual Pride Parade itself, that kicks off on Saturday, just like every year, in Plaza de Mayo.

People generally start to congregate in the plaza anytime after noon for what turns out to be an enormous LGBTQ family reunion. And just like any family reunion you’ve ever been to, it includes plenty of kissing, hugging, impassioned speeches, tears, and of course, booze. An LGBTQ themed market is also known to set up every year, for those who love to get decked out in rainbow merchandise.

This year’s parade has been many months in the making and literally dozens of organizations have come together to choose this year’s rallying cry. In essence, it’s an appeal to the Argentine government to stop the violent murders of transvestites, transsexuals, and transgender people immediately. In light of the tragic string of femicides that have rocked Argentina in the past twelve months, this year’s cry is especially poignant.

Shenanigans from last year

Shenanigans from last year’s rainy celebration. Photo via Infobae.

Pride in Argentina is an outrageous party, and can be definitely be described as over-the-top. But don’t let what appears to be a celebration of everything kitsch, camp, and sexy fool you — although we do love it for all of those reasons, there is much more going on than meets the eye. Pride is a commemoration of LGBTQ history and accomplishments — it’s an affirmation that LGBTQ people exist — and it’s a integral part of the continuing fight to achieve equal rights. The fact that people even feel they can still debate about the relevance of Pride is a surefire sign that it must continue to exist.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the fun. Although it rained on our parade last year, the powers that be sure have tried to make it up to us. Not only is it going to be sunny this weekend — we’ve got a full three days to celebrate Pride (Monday is a national holiday!) — so hydrate, sunscreen up, and remember, power naps!

Photo via TKM.

Photo via TKM.


The International Festival of Tango Queer kicked off on Monday this week. Now in its eleventh consecutive year, the Festival is possible thanks in large part to the hard work of organizers Mariana Docampo and Augusto Balizano. Tonight at 11:30 PM an LGBTQ milonga called La Marshall will be taking place in El Beso (Riobamba 416). For those who are keen to attend but not quite confident in their skills, an hour before the milonga starts a tango class will be taught by Katerine Richard. Admission to the milonga plus the class is AR $150. Check out more events on their Facebook page here.

Class at 10:30, milonga at 11:30 | El Beso (Riobamba 416) | AR $150 | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


Fiesta Whip is hosting a special pre-Pride edition tonight in the infamous, three floor nightclub we’ve all been to at least once — Amerika. Hosts Rita La Salvaje, La Shampein, Lady Nada, Mina are the stars of tonight’s party, along with special invited guest Roxy Foxy. An open bar with ‘champagne,’ fernet, beer, soda, and water will be available all night, and will set you back AR $190 before 2:30 AM and AR $280 afterwards. Head there with a buddy and know how you’re getting home — things tend to escalate into a helluva hot mess.

11:30 – 6:30 | Gascón 1040 | AR $190-280 | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


The organizer of one of Buenos Aires’ LGBTQ pub crawls, Gay Night Out, is inaugurating a brand new party this weekend. Called ‘Uomo’ (Italian for man) it’s promising to blow your mind and (I quote) ‘bring sexy back.’ Offering admission plus an open bar from midnight to 1 AM with Skyy Vodka, Campari, Fernet, and beer for AR $250-$300, it’s imperative that you send Uomo a private message ahead of time or sign up here. Admission after 1 AM is AR $150-$200 and comes with a drink. DJ Mariano Exequiel will be spinning pop and electronic music all night.

Midnight – 6 AM | Niceto Vega 5534 | AR $250-$300 | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


Fiesta Warhol is a relatively new party that has become extremely popular with LGBTQ clubbers in their twenties and thirties. Located just two blocks from the National Congress, the party takes place in a huge kind of underground warehouse that will make you feel like you’ve gone down the tunnel into Wonderland. Two different dance floors with two different DJs give you the chance to listen to the music you like best — either your favorite pop hits spiced up with Latin beats like cachengue, or modern pop at full steam the whole night.

12:30 AM | Rivadavia 1910 | AR $70 the whole night | More info

Photo via Infobae.

Photo via Infobae.


The LGBTQ collective and its allies will start to gather in Plaza de Mayo around noon for Buenos Aires’ annual Pride Parade (Marcha del Orgullo). DJ Ana Logue, Dúo Bravas, Orquesta Inestable, and Tía Marilú will provide the pre-Marcha entertainment. The actual parade will probably start off closer to 4 PM — leaving plenty of time to socialize in the Plaza — and finish up in front of the Congress at approximately 6 PM. Following the parade entertainment will continue in Congreso, courtesy of DJ Jara and Kevin Royk, Chocolate Remix, Rocío Rocha, and Bandana.

12 PM | Plaza de Mayo | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate, Doña Summer’s rooftop party in Palermo is for you. They’re promising pizza, hot dogs, fries, and beer, served up alongside some groovy beats under the open sky. This party starts early and ends around 3 AM — making it a good option for a previa before moving onto one of the other parties below.

8 PM – 3 AM | Cabrera 4014 | Free | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


If you think this party looks like a mash up between Fiesta Jolie and Feliza, you’d be right — it is! Combining two of Buenos Aires’ most popular LGBTQ parties, Joliza draws a young, hip crowd — poetry readings, shows, and art installations often make their way into the Feliza’s activities and events. Tonight the organizers have put together an incredible line-up of performers and musicians showcasing the best of LGBTQ talent. Admission is free until 1 AM, and afterwards it’s AR $100. Make sure to get there early — this party is going to be packed!

9 PM – 6 AM | Feliza (Córdoba 3271) | Free until 1 AM | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


Party collective LOCA contributes a huge float to the Pride Parade every year, and to round off festivities tonight they’ve put together a fabulous post-Marcha party. Organized in conjunction with Dengue Dancing, Casa Brandon, Mostrafest, and Trabestia, Fiesta LOCA will be taking place just a few blocks away from the National Congress. Free until midnight, this is a great option that you can get to after the parade by foot. You can expect a decent sized crowd of intelligent, approachable people with souls — and FREE pizza until midnight!

10 PM – 7 AM | Club Dorado (Hipólito Yrigoyen 947) | Free until midnight, afterwards AR $100-150 | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


A solid option for people who love to get down to pop hits, Rheo will be throwing a special Pride party for a mere AR $150 (just make sure you sign up here first). Sometimes criticized for allegedly attracting “too many chetos” (snobs), many guys still come here religiously and manage to have a great time. The crowds are always well dressed and you can tell that they’ve been hitting the gym. Popular with foreigners as well as locals, your admission to Rheo comes with a drink.

Midnight | Rheo (Marcelino Freyre and Infanta Isabel) | AR $150 until 2 AM 

Laganja Estranja. Photo via

Laganja Estranja. Photo via


Jay Jackson, aka Langaja Estranja, a former contestant on season six of RuPaul’s Drag Race, will be in town for a special performance at Human Club tonight. Held in Crobar, Human is a crazy, crowded party — the DJs are on point, the venue is superb, and the drinks are always quality. A huge turnout is expected this evening in light of Laganja’s performance. Hot on the heels of other Rupaul’s Drag Race contestants, like Naomi Smalls, Sasha Velour, we’re not quite sure what the deal is, bu these queens seem to love Buenos Aires! Get your tickets here.

11:30 PM – 7 AM | Crobar (Marcelino Freyre and Infanta Isabel) | AR $230 | More info



Pedalea como una piba (Pedal like a girl) has organized the first ever LGBTQ ‘Pedaleada‘ — essentially a Pride Parade, but on bikes. Convening on Plaza de Mayo this Monday at 4 PM, the route the bike-parade is going to take will be decided on in the moment — the only sure thing is that there is going to be a lot of glitter in the preparations. Interested participants, please, please, please bring your helmets! Bedazzle them if you will, but take no chances with your brains.

4 – 7 PM | Plaza de Mayo | Free | More info

There you go. Get your freak on and get ready to party. Now you have no excuse.

Corrected on the 16th of November, 2017. A previous version of this article incorrectly featured Alaska Thunderfuck as Laganja Estranja. The picture has been changed.