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Buenos Aires Food Week Is Back and Has Some Great New Offerings

By | [email protected] | September 11, 2015 6:00am

Buenos Aires Food Week is coming back to the glee of gluttonous and Instagramming masses the city over. The premise, similar to what you find in the US or Europe, is simple –

The city’s higher-profile eateries open their doors to the public, offering three course prix-fixe menus at friendlier price points. Holders of the coveted Argentine American Express credit card have additional benefits worth checking out.

The sixth edition of BAFW is taking place from September 15 through the 28th and is making eating in 39 of the city’s top restaurants easier and arguably more fun. Lunch and dinner are set set at AR$170 and 280 per person, respectively, and include a welcoming aperitif, appetizer, main plate and dessert. Best of all reservations can be made online – no stumbling on the phone in first grade Spanish needed.

Budget friendly tip: Don’t forget to think about wine and cocktails as a totally separate affair from the friendlier price points seen on the BAFW menu. Innovative food offerings tend to come at higher price points than say TGI Fridays, and while the cost of the food has been made a bit more welcoming, wine lists and drinks remain unchanged. Buying a bottle of wine in some of the restaurants featured has been known to elicit sticker shock in some people.

If living a little isn’t your style, you can always ask about corkage if you call in your reservation, or simply opt for a boozy, sun-filled lunch.

The Bubble was able to get the scoop on some new and exciting additions to this season’s BAFW.

Puratierra — known for their innovative yet grounded take on Argentine and Latin American cuisine. People in the know rave about the lamb and the chef’s use of seasonal ingredients.

Kokoro — Once highlighted as a seriously good spot for sushi delivery by Pick Up The Fork‘s Allie Lazar, Kokoro is opening up their doors and showing people the joys of eating sushi without the presence of Netflix.

Astor — is a dreamy culinary oasis in Palermo Hollywood, with a knack for infusing the Mediterranean roots of Porteño cooking with local and seasonal ingredients. Also, their mate-infused aperitivo is a little piece of grapefruit heaven. They’ve participated in BAFoodWeek before, but this time they are opening for lunch.

BoBo Hotel — has a restaurant that strikes a balance between elegant and unpretentious. The name BoBo reflects their merging of the bohemian with the bourgeois. In addition to attempting to reshape the concept of the hotel restaurant, the folks at BoBo are quickly making a name for themselves for good customer service in English and Spanish.

Aldo’s — Is an amazing (if not obvious) choice for people who love wine. In addition to being a solid vinoteca with respected sommeliers on staff, the menu is also above par for having gluten-free and vegetarian options that don’t leave visitors feeling they’ve missed out.

A full list of participating restaurants can be found on BAFoodWeek’s website. All gluttony jokes aside, BAFoodWeek does offer a great opportunity to try new foods and check out new places to eat. It also gives people a chance to give back to the community. Together with the Fundación Banco Alimentos, Food Week is committed to fighting hunger in Argentina. At the end of your meal you’ll have the chance to leave a donation that will make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Hundreds of thousands of pesos have been raised since BAFW was first launched, a trend we can only hope continues.

It’s probably safe to say that giving back has never tasted this good.