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Buenos Aires Does Hip Hop AT BA Ritmo’s ‘Hip Festival’

By | [email protected] | November 7, 2016 12:03pm


This coming Sunday, November 13, at 8pm the group BA Ritmo is bringing serving up their first Hip Festival  as a great anti-Sunday plan to spend with friends on a Colegiales rooftop surrounded by all things hip hop.

BA Ritmo is a group that produces dance events, with a focus on hip hop and urban styles. They create experiences in which professional dancers, amateurs, hobbyists, and fans can all join together for their love of the movement form. It’s about making more spaces for dance, spreading it to dancers and non-dancers alike, and just giving people an accessible creative outlet.

BA Ritmo’s last event was a hip hop workshop with the US teacher, choreographer, and performer Brandon Dumlao, and saw the participation of over 200 professional dancers. People who don’t dance but love hip hop requested to be in the room just to watch the dancers. “That’s when we realized there were few spaces dedicated to hip hop and urban styles that were accessible to everyone — especially fans and audiences,” says Magali Bejar of the BA Ritmo team. Which how the Hip Festival emerged.

The festival grew from a desire to include non-dancers in the (sometimes intimidating) dance world. A desire to invite anyone and everyone to enjoy the talent of some of the best local and international dancers all in one place with the long term goal being that if people don’t identify as dancers start going to shows and be a part of the culture, they may just show up in a hip hop class one day. The BA Ritmo roster of local performers give classes of all levels around Buenos Aires and in other provinces.

Ok now that you are curious, here is what this Hip Festival is all about. There will be a mix of dance performances, music, and culture from hip hop and urban dance styles; oh yes and artisanal beer flowing all night. Performances start at 8pm to be followed by several hours of a DJ spinning hip hop, funk, and pop (no cumbia??? That’s correct — no cumbia, folks). Go with a group a friends, but leave any kids at home as this event for those over 18 years old.

This edition will feature performances by three important figures of hip hop from the US: Cameron Lee, Andye J and Neil Schwartz, who are dancers and choreographers for Jennifer Lopez, Icona Pop, Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and MTV.

Local artists include Mati Napp, Diego Ramella, Diego Andino, Mariano Florido, Esteban Toppi, Dai Migale, Belu Gullon, Nico Sartori, Matias Goiriz, Pato Cierna, Ayelen Ramirez, Gabriel Rulock Pineda and Matias Monti. They have danced for Shotmatch, Telefé, Stravaganza, and Sony Music, to name a few.

All of the artists involved are household names in commercial hip hop, urban dance and entertainment. Many have strong followings on social media, with shots from their classes, like this one from Neil Schwartz, or more highly produced choreography videos, like this one from Andye J, going viral. Several teach classes and workshops locally and internationally for dancers of all levels. A few of the styles they specialize in are hip hop, jazz funk, locking, break dance and femme.

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This festival is an example of the steady growth of hip hop culture in Argentina. As Bejar reflected on the current local scene, she stated, “there are more spaces for hip hop and urban dance styles, and more people who are interested in participating. [Our] country has really talented artists, and we hope to be a nexus for getting their name out into the world of dance.” BA Ritmo is an emerging group in hip and urban dance of Argentina, keeping company with groups such as the Combinado Argentino de Danza and Una Constante, as well as a handful of independent artists and studios dedicated to these styles. The Hip Festival could definitely serve as an introduction into this world for the curious, and a solid Sunday plan for everyone else.


Sunday November 13, 20hs


Colegiales, near the intersection of Lacroze y Conesa

How Much

AR $200

For more information and the exact location, send an e-mail to [email protected]