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Palermo is Buenos Aires’ Most Criminal Neighborhood

By | [email protected] | July 1, 2018 12:04am

2717116w1033Ph: Policía de la Ciudad

On Thursday, the Buenos Aires City government presented the new numbers from the 2017 “Crime Map.” According to the official report from the Security Ministry, there were 68,297 thefts inside Capital Federal; Palermo tops the ranking, as the primary hotbed of motochorro (robberies/theft on motorcycle) activity.

The map is developed based on both the crime reports filed at police stations and direct surveys. The surveys were set up in 2016, and went live online for neighbors to use last June; they compile, process, and analyze the information related to criminal activities in Buenos Aires.

Of course, these numbers could appear somewhat biased, as they depend on and are influenced by the amount of inhabitants in each barrio. For example, Puerto Madero only logged 52 thefts in 2017, which is incredibly low compared to the 9,000 in Palermo; however, the latter barrio has around 250,000 inhabitants (and is therefore the city’s largest), versus the only 7,000 in Puerto Madero.


Source: Policía de la Ciudad

Overall, there were fewer reported thefts than in 2016, with the number of total crimes committed dropping from 71,226 to 68,297, a 4.1 percent decrease. However, in Palermo alone, there were 318 more cases compared with last year’s numbers, reaching a total of 9,296 for 2017. Following are Balvanera (6,548), Flores (5,724), San Nicolás (5,596), and Caballito (5,253).  

Some neighborhoods have decreased drastically compared with 2016. Puerto Madero is a prime example, with an incredible -40.91 percent drop in reported cases, followed by Paternal (-36.10 percent), Balvanera (-23 percent), Retiro (-22.1 percent), and Villa Lugano (-20.97 percent). On the other hand, in some areas numbers didn’t abate; labyrinthine Parque Chas holds the record with a 39.91 percent increase. Other barrios with a noticeable increase are La Boca (27.31 percent), Barracas (18.6 percent), Villa Pueyrredón (13.12 percent) and Núñez (11.54 percent).

While Palermo remains the most affected neighborhood in terms of cases, its respective Comuna (District – which is number 14) doesn’t top the list with total number of thefts. Comuna 1, which comprises Constitución, Montserrat, Puerto Madero, Retiro, San Nicolás, and San Telmo, leads overall with 15,627 reported crimes in 2017.


Source: Policía de la Ciudad

It’s worth noting that the most touristy areas are all seeing crime on the rise, such as La Boca (+27.31 percent), Palermo (+2.84 percent) and San Telmo (+7.63 percent).

The number of motochorros is also on the rise within Palermo. With 1,093 cases last year, it has increased by 164 compared to 2016, just on this barrio. In the city itself, the number of cases with this method rose by 752 cases. The homicide rate also experimented a slight decrease in 2017, dipping from 147 cases to 143, but the number of deaths due to car accidents rose from 138 to 140.