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Buenos Aires Cóctel: A Cultural Event For The Thirsty

By | [email protected] | August 14, 2015 1:36pm


It’s cool to be a foodie (gag). Nothing says “I know how to live” like the right collection of cookbooks and an Instagram account brimming with tasting menu cameos and casual candids from your farmer’s market bounty hunt.

I’m mostly making fun of myself here, but it’s easy to find yourself feeling a bit left out of the whole curated food movement when you put equal stock in a solidly-crafted cocktail as you do in that deconstructed-essence of foraged-truffle-foam plate being touted about by Oprah’s favorite food blogger.

For those of us who appreciate a good cocktail, Buenos Aires Cóctel is coming into town like breath of fresh air. As if to silence the basic and haters among us (the type that can be heard insistently spouting their totally informed opinions on the limitations and annoyances of the gastro-scene here) BACoctel has an impressive line up of 45 of the city’s best bars and restaurants with their rockstar cocktail alchemists in tow, and appears poised to wow the thirsty and skeptics the city over.

The celebration, running from August 17th to the 22nd, is was founded to celebrate the city’s historic love affair with cocktail making (and drinking one would assume) along with showcasing some of the brightest stars of the food and drink scene’s future.

Long story short – the line up looks delicious and you will finally have a mom-friendly excuse for ending up with yet another tagged photo with a drink your hand on social media – mom, it’s cultural… don’t worry…

Cócteles de Buenos Aires from ÑAM FILMS on Vimeo.

Each bar offers a selection of innovative tragos at friendlier price points throughout the week with special events taking place at specific spots everyday. Reservations are still a good idea as these places fill up on a normal week. Don’t get left high and dry. 


Who’s participating:

  • 878bar
  • Aldo’s vinoteca
  • Alvear Lobby Bar (Hotel Alvear)
  • Artesano (Hotel Alvear ART)
  • BASA
  • Belushi
  • Brandon
  • Casa Cavia
  • Casa Cruz
  • Chabrés
  • Champagne bar (Hotel Alvear)
  • Crizia
  • Doppelgänger
  • Duarte
  • Eter Club
  • Festival
  • Filo
  • Florería Atlántico
  • Frank’s Bar
  • Gran Bar Danzón
  • Green Bamboo
  • Guebara
  • Guido’s
  • iLatina
  • Isabel
  • Jack The Ripper
  • Las del Barco
  • Leit Motiv
  • Milion
  • Mundo Bizarro
  • Nicky Harrison
  • Perón Perón
  • Peugeot Lounge
  • Plaza Bar (Plaza Hotel)
  • Pony Line
  • Portezuelo
  • Prado y Neptuno
  • Puerta Uno
  • Rey de Copas
  • Shout
  • Singapur
  • Soria
  • Tarquino
  • The Brick
  • The Library Lounge (Hotel Faena)
  • The Steve
  • Tortoni
  • Uco Restaurant (Hotel Fierro)
  • Verne Club
  • Victoria Brown
  • Wherever
  • White Bar (Hotel Madero)

For more info check out the BA Coctel’s official site and Facebook.