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Widespread Blackout Affects Thousands in Buenos Aires

The problem has been repaired in the Province, but remains an issue in CABA.

By | [email protected] | August 9, 2018 1:33pm

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Thursday morning, an issue with Buenos Aires’ high voltage system left thousands without electricity across Capital Federal and southern areas of the Greater Buenos Aires province.

Across social media, hundreds have complained of several neighborhoods throughout the city being left without electricity. However, the most severely and widely affected areas are those south of Capital Federal, in the greater Buenos Aires province.

According to the latest report released by the National Regulatory Entity of Electricity (ENRE), 327,722 people whose power is provided by Edesur—a national electricity distributor—have experienced a blackout. This figure represents 15 percent of total Edesur users, which total 2,181,436.  

Via Edesur

Spokespeople from Edesur told Infobae that the widespread failure was due to “a cut to the electricity supply, external to the company, in the high voltage system.”

“The electricity service has now been fully restored to all the areas of the Buenos Aires Province that were affected,” they added. “Work is currently underway to repair the service in Capital, which should be completed at any moment.”

In addition to blackouts in people’s homes, perhaps even more dangerously, a number of traffic lights across the city have also stopped functioning. In response, the authorities have released a recommendation to the public to “drive with greater caution, be alert especially at every corner and intersection, and slow down” until the normal functioning of the system can be restored.

Via Todo Noticias

Even though the company emphasized that “only four neighborhoods of the city are still affected by the blackout, and there are repairs currently being made that will restore the electricity at any minute,” complaints from people across social media that they still do not have power remain numerous and increasingly frustrated.

At 8:25 AM., the company tweeted that “the blackout that affected some neighborhoods in Capital Federal was fully fixed.” However, several Twitter users responded by saying that their neighborhood or building was still without electricity.