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The Bubble’s Top Terraces and Courtyards to Enjoy this Spring

Take advantage of the nice weather in these open-air bars and restaurants.

By | [email protected] | October 10, 2018 9:00am

crystal barPhoto via the Crystal Bar

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful season in Buenos Aires. The sunshine is beginning to warm up and there are still a few months to go before the miserably sticky heat of midsummer. It’s time to make the most of it! The city offers an excellent array of bars and restaurants to enjoy outdoors. So we here at The Bubble have chosen a list of places with terraces and courtyards to enjoy the dreamy af weather, while it lasts.

Jagüel: Chilled-out parrilla in the heart of Palermo

Jaguel (Photo via Gastronomique)

Although it opened its doors just three months ago (in the former Olsen space, no less), Jagüel is already one of the shining stars of the palermitano scene. The wooden benches and tables that spread out around a park of over 200 square meters are a real luxury in a city that has more and more towering apartment blocks by the week.

With a self-service system, the restaurant aims to be a parrilla with affordable prices, something not easy with a dollar close to $40. They serve six carefully selected cuts of meat, while also offering an excellent selection of salads and wines from boutique bodegas, which are typically not available in supermarkets.

Nicolás Wolowelski and Juan Martín Migueres are the two cousins in charge of the business. Although they are barely over 30, they have a long history of entrepreneurship in Buenos Aires. They belong to a family that has been in the business for more than a hundred years.

A useful tip: if you eat before 7:45 PM, you’ll snag a 35 percent discount. Attention, early bird special! This is ideal for foreigners, since Argentines usually have dinner around one o’clock in the morning for some reason.

Jagüel | Gorriti 5870 | Instagram

Buller Bar: Craft beer on a Recoleta rooftop

Buller bar (Photo Via Gastronomique)

Drinking beer while glancing at a cemetery? Don’t mind if I do! Problems come from living people. Never from the dead! The Buller Bar offers an impressive second floor terrace overlooking Recoleta Cemetery, one of the city’s most visited tourist attractions. The atmosphere of the place, which has another location in Villa Crespo, is that of a typical Irish pub, with an impressive variety of beers (the IPA is one of the best).

The menu? Nothing sophisticated: hamburgers, pizzas, and some varieties of tapas. Good place to go with friends. On weekends, it’s open until 4 AM, plus they offer a tempting happy hour (corpses have 2×1 all night long, though. That was a joke.)

Buller | Junín 1747 | Instagram

Parque Bar: Half bar, half jungle

Parque Bar (Photo via Gastronomique)

It’s not easy to find a bar that pays so much attention to plants. Parque Bar inspired its décor with the great parks of the world in mind, such as New York’s Central Park. The result is enchanting: vertical gardens, lots of plants and hammock chairs, as well as a roof decorated with branches and leaves.

You’ll probably be surprised by the enormous bar, which offers a great variety of cocktails such as newcomers Julep Los Alerces with rose hip syrup and Calixto Fizz with white rum, ginger tea, and lime. The cocktails are authored by experienced bartender Alan Parrilli. The classic drinks carry a twist (think gin and tonic with cucumber and peach). The courtyard offers a cozy place to stargaze in the middle of Palermo, while the dishes combine global cuisine in new ways. If the day is a little cold and you want to enjoy the open air, the place also offers heating.

Parque Bar | Thames 1472 | Instagram

Hierbabuena: Healthy food steps from Parque Lezama

Hierbabuena (Photo from their official website)

Hierbabuena is an oasis located on Av. Caseros, an area that has become a small foodie epicenter of San Telmo in recent years. The menu consists mainly of natural and organic dishes, good fish and a varied menu of natural juices. Brunches and snacks are also highly valued. The prettiest thing about it though, might be what happens during warm days, when diners overtake the tables on the sidewalk and it all gets a sort of Frenchy vibe.

If, after a meal or a drink, you want to continue with the day outdoors, you can walk to nearby Parque Lezama, which is just a hundred meters from the restaurant. Another option is to spend your weekend at the classic favorite Feria de San Telmo, which is just a few blocks away.

A word of advice: avoid Hierbabuena when local football club Boca Juniors is playing because the stadium is less than a kilometer away and all peace will go to hell in a heartbeat. And if Boca loses, aggarate Catalina.

Hierba Buena | Caseros 454 | Website

Crystal Bar: Sky-high glamour in Puerto Madero 

Crystal Bar (Photo via Clarín)

One sentence pretty much sums it all up pretty well: On a good, clear day, you can see all the way to Uruguay from the Crystal Bar. The place is located on the 32nd floor of the Alvear Icon in Puerto Madero and is the highest bar in the city of Buenos Aires, at 128 meters above ground level. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7 PM, lovers arrive to watch the sunset over the River Plate, quite possibly the best such vantage point in town.

In the shape of a semicircle, the lounge has place for 100 people with excellent drinks and some tapas, such as morcilla croquettes and gourmet sandwiches. A good tip: the DJ lends a bit more onda to the ambiance and really gets things going. Seen at night and from a 32nd floor, Buenos Aires may even seem like a peaceful city for once.

Crystal Bar | Aimé Painé 1130 | Website



Cielo Sky Bar: Post-theater drinks with a VIP view 

It is not easy to find a good place to have a drink after a checking out play on Av. Corrientes. Well, you’re in luck: You won’t have to trek over to Palermo just to get your fix now. The Gran Hotel Brizo is only a few meters away from the Obelisco (literally). Located on the rooftop of the newly minted hotel’s 13th floor, the Cielo Sky Bar invites you to enjoy a varied menu of drinks and beverages with a crazy cool view of the city. You’d like to make a reservation for tonight, wouldn’t you? Don’t be anxious! You’ll have to wait until next month, when it’s scheduled to officially open to the public.

Gran Brizo Hotel | Cerrito 180 | Website