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Budget Bill: Social Organization Leader Accuses Security Minister of Infiltrating Agents to Cause Chaos

Organizations are outside Congress protesting against the 2019 Budget Bill

By | [email protected] | October 24, 2018 4:13pm

diario popularPhoto via Diario Popular

As government and opposition representatives began what is set to be a long and heated debate over the 2019 budget bill, tensions outside the chamber are also running high.

Daniel Menéndez, leader of one of the organizations which along with numerous unions is protesting against the bill, assured that Security Minister Patricia Bullrich is behind a plan aimed at causing chaos through undercover intelligence agents passing as protesters.

In a radio interview held this morning, Menéndez said “there is a sector of the government” fostering incidents. “There is an intention of smuggling police officers and have them pass as violent protesters. They are making plans to smear a peaceful, massive protest. Bullrich’s statements where she linked social organizations with drug trafficking go along those lines,” Menéndez said. He was making reference to the fact that in early October, the minister indicated that the organizations “allowed drug-trafficking [in vulnerable areas] thinking it created jobs.”

Emilio Pérsico, Secretary General of another organization, the Movimiento Evita, agreed with his peer’s premise, saying Bullrich is “trying to set everything on fire.” “They [the government] casually changed the street walks near Congress and left pieces of the old ones laid out on the floor,” he added. At the moment this article is being written, no violence has ensued outside Congress.