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The Bubble’s Guide to Gay Pride Buenos Aires 2014

By | [email protected] | November 14, 2014 8:29pm


Things are about to get much much gayer in Buenos Aires. Yes, it is that blessed time of year when all the people behind alphabet soup acronymed LGBTQ community get together to march from the Casa Rosada to the Congreso demanding rights, raising public awareness, and celebrating diversity.

And celebrate we do…

From its more somber beginnings in the 90’s Argentina’s Marcha del Orgullo (Pride Parade) has grown into a massive event that blends political activism with partying in a way only these crazy, gorgeous Porteños could. We covered the more logistical side of planning the best way to spend pride in last year’s guide. And there have not been major changes in regard to needing to keep your belongings safe (pick pockets are still among the throngs of people just dying to get in on the fun).

But the options for where to go out and what to do during Pride Weekend have changed a bit so here’s this year’s run down:

Friday November 14th

Pre-game at Peuteo. Previas are key to getting to most out your night in Buenos Aires. Argentine slang for pre-gaming, previas usually take place after dinner and before going out to a for more hardcore dancing or similar debauchery. While there are a lot of gay friendly bars in town, Peuteo is one of the few explicitly gay options.

Their cocktails are almost as attractive as the bartenders who serve them, and their central location makes it a great spot to meet up with the rest of your gaggle and get your drink on. The bar was also visited by gay royalty – Yanis Marshall this week, so you know it’s got its yasss credentials in order.


Gurruchaga 1867 (between Costa Rica and Nicaragua), Palermo
Happy Hour starts at 9 PM.


Short for Buenos Aires Gay Festival, BAGFest is a two day event that puts Buenos Aires on the world’s gay club circuit. There will be a lot chongos (Argentine for beefy eye-candy) but not many people in shirts or affordable drink options. The location is unbeatable though, if you plan on dancing until the sun comes up. It’s located at Terrazas Del Este which is a club that has an outdoor space in the back that overlooks the Rio de la Plata. Nothing says “I make great life choices” like watching the sun come up over a body of water after a long night of drinking.

Try to get on the list. Fred is your man for getting your hands on some tickets.

BAGFest at Terrazas Del Este

Av.Costanera and Sarmiento, Palermo

(Take a cab – public transport is a HUGE pain when it comes to getting to this place)

Fiesta La Plop

While not directly linked to the Pride Parade, Fiesta La Plop is always a solid option for those looking for cheap thrills (and alcohol – entry gets you access to the open bar). The crowd is young, fun, and full of speed con vodka (Speed being a local energy drink). You need to be in the right mood and age bracket for this place, but it’s a solid option for many a basic b*tch (no judgement) looking to dance it out.

Saturday, November 15th

La Marcha del Orgullo

Starts at Plaza de Mayo, 2 pm, Downtown Buenos Aires

Open market and rally. The feria (open market) is your one stop shop for the kind of souvenirs that would horrify your mother. Also great spot to pick up some rainbow themed kitsch (if that’s your thing). The speeches can seem a bit intense if your Spanish isn’t up and rolling but worth checking out for the politically conscious.

4:30 PM tends to be about the time people start gathering around their float of choice and to start drinking in the streets. While it’s technically illegal to get your drank on in public, cops have not informed this policy in sometime. Biggest risk tends to be paying too much for the cheap beer being sold by men who sound like gargling with battery acid is part of their daily routine.

At 6 PM the procession starts (ponele). Hoards of people march and dance their way from in front of the Casa Rosada down Avenida de Mayo  all the way to Congreso. Dancing down one of the city’s most beautiful streets, among hundreds of people, is something everyone should do at least once.

Saturday Night

Keeping in mind that BAGFest and Peuteo both have things happening again on Saturday, there are other events to choose from to keep your Pride Parade buzzing going strong.

Fiesta Eyeliner + Mostrafest

The two most popular nights for the less bro-y among us are combining parties (and apparently venues) to offer an alternative to the shirtless electronica crazed masses associated with more mainstream boliches. For those of you not afraid of a healthy dose of guyliner, camp, and cumbia this is your place. While Eyeliner and Mostrafest are separate parties, both are famous for getting Argentine celebrities with cult followings to perform on stage for their guests.

The drinks are cheap and strong. The music is diverse and danceable (it’s not unusual for a Spice Girl’s track to be followed up by a very dirty cumbia song for example). The crowd still has a fair amount of pretty people but most look like the types that choose drinking mate over muscle milk.

You can buy tickets ahead of time on Facebook

Eyeliner: Peron 1281 (between Libertad and Talcahuano)

Getting there around midnight is recommended. This place fills up fast and nothing kills a buzz like waiting in line for 2 hours.

17th Anniversary Party for Osos Buenos Aires

This is for the bears out there. This is set to be one of the biggest parties the bear community is planning to throw this year. Set in one of the longest surviving gay spaces in Buenos Aires, Club de Osos Buenos Aires is full to the brim with lots of body hair, good music, and great onda. It should be noted that you don’t have to be a “bear” to go, you just need to be cool with big dudes with lots of body hair.

The Sub Club

Córdoba 543 (between Florida and San Martin), Downtown Buenos Aires


There you have it. Buenos Aires’ Pride Parade Weekend in a nutshell. Have fun, be safe, and don’t be a dick to the people representing the crazy cool diversity the Argentine LGBTQ community is famous for.

(Featured Photo via Hernan Reig: Marcha del Orgullo Gay)