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Bubbles and Buena Onda Set to Invade The Planetarium

By | [email protected] | September 23, 2015 2:40pm


Quite possibly the cutest and hippest event most of us will come across in Buenos Aires, a bubble session is scheduled to swarm the planetario in Palermo this weekend. No really, it’s a thing, and it’s actually happening — I swear. The idea is that you just show up with some soapy liquid and a good helping of buena onda to blow bubbles with friends and strangers. Is your heart melting yet?

If you find an opening in your agenda next Sunday (October 4), make your way to the planetarium and fill the place up with bubbles. Everybody is invited, and fret not if you’re fresh out of bubble-blowing equipment — put yourself out there and make some friends. This crowd will share the soapy love with you.

Where is it? Galileo Galilei planetarium

When is it? October 4 from 3PM – 7PM

There is big Instagram potential here, too. Just saying.