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Bring On The Bubbly! Feria de Espumantes Sparkling Night Coming This Week

By | [email protected] | October 19, 2015 11:24pm


Despite sounding a bit like the sequel to the Dream Girls movie, “Sparkling Nights” is an evening of espumante-tasting that set to hit Hotel Panamericano on November 4th, 5th and 6th from 6 PM to 11 PM. Also, let me reiterate the venue: Hotel Panamericano, AKA one of the top five luxury hotels of the city.

Sparkling Nights is the first and only feria in the country dedicating itself solely to sparkling wines. Forty of Argentina’s most prestigious wineries will give effervescence lovers the opportunity to taste up to 200 varieties of espumantes (sparkling wines you pedestrian). That is a lot of bubbly. Sure, none of the them have Champagne in gold calligraphy labelled on them, but let’s be honest, a name is a name and some of the wines produced here arguably deserve more of a fuss than the renowned French beverage. Note that this coming from someone whose family produces it. I want to think I know what I am talking about. I probably don’t. All of this to say that Wednesday will be a unique experience for you to taste the finest sparkling wines that the country has to offer while exchanging with oenologists.

The idea is to indulge, discover a variety of wines that you wouldn’t normally opt for and learn about the latest wine trends. Each Sparkling Night so far has also served as a launching event for certain wines, which makes the evening all the more exciting, for producers as much as for the connoisseurs and fans.

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr Sparkling Nights

Expectedly, a complimentary glass of espumante will be handed to you upon arrival which once you’ve graciously sipped or downed can be refilled with Chandon, Norton, Catena Zapata, Amalaya, Casa Bianchi, Altaista, Rosell Boher, Luigi Bosca, Freixenet, Séptima, Argento, Estancia Mendoza, Navarro Correas, Schroeder, Trapiche, Mumm, Nieto Senetiner, Fin del Mundo, Las Perdices, La Riojana, Secreto Patagónico, Dante Robino, Cruzat, Casarena, Domaine Bousquet and Familia Zuccardi, among others. The great part is that you can taste as many as you want. Just don’t forget to return the glass at the end. No really, they’re serious about that part.

Accordingly, a selection of gourmet finger food will be at your disposal to ensure you don’t get completely wasted. We’re talking cheeses, sushi, patisseries and chocolates; the combination of which couldn’t be more perfect.

Photo via Flickr Sparkling Nights

Photo via Flickr Sparkling Nights

All you now need to do is purchase a ticket online via Ticketek for AR$320. Again this includes the complimentary glass of sparkling wine – with tasting access to a crazy amount of participating bodegas.

On that note, here is last year’s after-movie of good-looking people toasting and smiling.