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Breaking down Duhalde’s “coup d’etat” scandal

From The Essential

By | [email protected] | September 8, 2020 4:55am


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The words of former president Eduardo Duhalde two weeks ago about the high likelihood of a “coup d’etat” in Argentina were inevitably a shock in a country with a long history of bloody interruptions to democratic order, which has seemingly left that era behind since the return of electoral rule in 1983.

“Do you know how ridiculous it sounds to think there will be elections next year? There won’t be an election. We have a history of military presidents, and a region where militarism is also on the rise, in Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, even in Chile the armed forces are now the main power player. Do you think the democratic system can’t fall? Argentina is a world champion of military dictatorships,” Duhalde said during an appearance in América TV, sparking a heated live discussion that spread throughout the country’s politics and media.

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