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Brazilian Channel Uses Dancing Macri Footage To Advertize Carnaval

By | [email protected] | January 29, 2016 1:00pm

argy2Air guitar! Photo via The Independent.

Everybody’s favorite Michael Jackson-wannabe-come-President Mauricio Macri has once again danced his way into the hearts (or black lists) of the people — this time, the Brazilian people. Globonews, a Brazilian channel covering the upcoming Carnaval, is using Mac’s famous dancing set to samba music to advertise the famous party. He joins the illustrious ranks of Presidents Barack Obama and Dilma Rousseff, who are also featured “samba-ing” in the promos. They are drumming up publicity for the event, which will run from February 5-9.

Macri has become notorious for his moves, which we were treated to on the night of his victory in the November 22nd runoff election. He busted them out again when he was sworn in as President on December 10th, displaying his very own brand of Dad-chaperoning-the-school-dance while Vice President Gabriela Michetti serenaded the crowd. No, no, that’s not sarcasm, it really truly happened. If you too want to #dancelikeMac, check out our handy tutorial here. Viva!

Now that you understand the joys of doing “the Macri,” you know that it is only fitting that the Brazilian channel has appropriated images from the footage to advertise Mardi Gras, the Catholic festival of hedonism before the 40-day period of penance Lent begins.  Nothing says “Party” like those smooth moves, amirite?

So here it is in all it’s glory, Macri el brasileiro.  You’re Welcome.

Watch this space, just maybe we will see Mac leading the samba schools this February, busting out the moves like Jagger Dad.