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The Brains Behind The ‘General Rodríguez Triple Crime’ Was Possibly Arrested

By | [email protected] | February 12, 2016 7:22pm


Ibar Esteban Pérez Corradi, the man accused of being the brains behind the General Rodríguez triple crime that shocked the country in 2008, was allegedly arrested today in Paraguay after having been on the run for three and a half years. Allegedly, we say, because authorities seem bent on keeping us in the dark, possibly to avoid another royal fuck-up like that time last month they said they’d arrested the three fugitives accused of having carried out the triple crime when in fact two were still on the loose.

Before we get into Pérez Corradi, let’s go over what the triple crime was again, shall we?

Pérez Corradi ran a clandestine drug lab that could manufacture up to 1,000 kilos of ephedrine  (used for manufacturing methamphetamine) per month, which was then sent to Buenos Aires Province. He would then sell the ephedrine, which was legal at the time in Argentina, to Mexican cartels through “businessmen” Sebastián Forza, Damián Ferrón and Leopoldo Bina

However, the partnership took a sour turn when Forza, Ferrón and Bina decided to leave the organization, take a large portion of the contact list and create a new one of their own. According to the investigation ultimately conducted, Pérez Corradi ordered brothers Martín and Cristian Lanatta as well as Victor Schilacci to murder Forza, Ferrón and Bina for their breach.

However, while Schilacci and the Lanatta brothers were caught and sent to prison, the instigator managed to avoid capture and remained at large. Well, until today. Maybe.

Judge María Servini de Cubría is now in charge of the triple crime casei. Photo via La Nación

Judge María Servini de Cubría is now in charge of the triple crime case. Photo via La Nación

Quite The Shady Guy

Prior to being involved in the triple crime case, the 38-year-old man who also goes by the nicknames of “Tiny,” “Hairy” and “Baldy” (not kidding) had already been in legal trouble because of his not-so legal business with synthetic drugs.

In December 2010, Judge Norberto Oyarbide sentenced him to prison as a preemptive measure while he looked into “aggravated money laundering” charges. However, the Federal Chamber of Appeals revoked the decision in 2011 and set an AR$100,000 bail which, predictably, he paid.

A year later, the prosecutor in the triple crime case  (remember they’re different cases that have now been merged into one) requested his capture, but by the time authorities arrived at his house, he was already on the run. He’d been at large ever since, until today (maybe) when he was (allegedly) found in a gated community in Paraguay, where he was living with his current partner.

The Lanatta brothers and Schilacci escaped the General Alvear prison in December last year.Photo via

The Lanatta brothers and Schilacci escaped the General Alvear prison in December last year.Photo via

Oh! Almost forgot. He also has an extradition request from the United States Judicial system for allegedly sending 80 Oxycontin pills, which are forbidden in the northern country, to the state of Maine. Because everyone knows you’re no one in the ephedrine trafficking business unless you are wanted in at least two countries.

If Pérez Corradi has been captured, his arrest may lead to other important headlines as the days go by. When rumors of his imminent capture started to circle around, one of his lawyers, Carlos Broitman, assured his client’s future statements concerning the triple crime case could get several important people in trouble. As an example, we can recall that in August last year, journalist and TV personality Jorge Lanata ran a shocking segment in which Martín Lanatta, speaking from prison, accused then Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández of being connected to both the ephedrine trafficking business and the murders.

In return, Fernández (who was then running for governor of Buenos Aires Province) said this accusation was part of a smear campaign carried out by his political enemies. Today, this political incident is considered one of the main reasons why he was defeated by María Eugenia Vidal in the gubernatorial elections.

So now we just have to sit tight until authorities confirm they have indeed caught Pérez Corradi. Or that they haven’t. Which will get really awkward really quick.