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5 of the Best Cooking Classes in Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | April 13, 2018 2:52pm


Do you think you could conjure up a few crowd-pleasing dishes if the moment called for it? Perhaps you’re that person who can effortlessly knock off a themed multi-course dinner party without breaking a sweat. If so, we applaud you and your enviable talents. Of course not everyone is so gifted, some of us may even be capable of setting the kettle on fire while cooking pasta (this really did happen) (not to me, I might add). Whether you’re pro or very much an amateur, everyone can all use a helping culinary hand from time to time.

If you’ve been looking for places to improve your knife skills, learn some new recipes, or just show off how good you look in an apron, here’s our pick of where to learn to cook in Buenos Aires.


Chacarita-based Crudo classes are perfect for all you vegetarians and vegans out there desperate to find exciting and delicious meat alternatives in Buenos Aires, which understandably can sometimes only feel like a carnivore’s capital. Head chef Máximo Cabrera rose to fame through founding one of Buenos Aires’ first famed closed door restaurants, Kensho. These days, dedicating most of his time to finding innovative animal alternatives, his culinary school Crudo can proudly say they are completely animal product free. Classes in the near future include one on fermentation, a vegan sushi how-to, along with a sugar-free dessert class. All of the talent without the guilt!


Offering both a series of classes and one-off individual workshops, prices are in the range of AR $850. Specific details and dates can be viewed on their website. If you’re keen to get cooking right away, Crudo operates a Youtube Channel full of demonstration videos.


As a closed-door restaurant that offers demonstrative cooking classes, you’ll be watching, assisting, and of course eating, a three-course dinner. Housed in a tastefully styled wood-paneled apartment in the Congreso neighborhood, you’ll feel right at home, more of a dinner party guest than a student. If you’ve ever eaten at a supper club (Fuego likes to call itself a puertas adentro restaurant), you’ll know that guests are an eclectic bunch, which makes for interesting dinner conversation, of course after the first round of wine has been drunk. Head chef Nicolás’ classes vary from Nordic to Moroccan cuisine, and are ideal for anyone looking to try and expand their cooking repertoire. Fuego is the place to visit if you want to find out all the tricks of the trade, and make a few friends in the process.

What you may be making (and eating) if you join in on Fuego

What you may be making (and eating) if you join in on Fuego’s Japanese cooking class. (Photo via Fuego’s Facebook page).


For a three-course dinner class with wine, expect to pay about AR $1,000. Fuego is near the Callao subte station. Information about upcoming classes can be found via the Fuego Facebook page.

Patricia Courtois

Passionate about cooking and feeding, Patricia offers multi-class experiences perfect for those wishing to hone their dinner party skills. Consisting of five classes, each session will show you how to cook up a storm, resulting in a three-course dinner menu that will impress any discerning guest. Focusing on French classics, dishes include tarte tatin, onion soup, profiteroles, and chicken pâté. About to release a book on her most beloved recipes, if you’re still not into the cooking idea, Patricia will come and cook for you herself at a dinner party or even a corporate event. Definitely an option to consider if the stakes are high and everything has to turn out just right.

Learn to make a delicious tarte tatin with Patricia . (Photo via Taste).

Learn to make a delicious tarte tatin with Patricia Courtois . (Photo via Taste).


Prices range between AR $700 and AR $800 for a group class; prices vary for a private class. See Patricia’s website for details.

Tierra Negra Gourmet

To all those fans of empanadas who find themselves without an Argentine abuela to teach them how to perfect their repulge, Tierra Negra is for you. Running three times a week, learn how to make empanadas from scratch along with a few other favorites, dulce de leche, flan and jauja (that spicy sauce from Bolivia/Northern Argentina) which are also included. You’ll also get to try three different wines throughout the session. Another class on offer tackles street food, including a how-to with choripan, chimichurri, alfajores, and spicy potatoes. If you’ve become muy fan of all food Argentine, see if you can learn how to recreate for yourself.


Based in Palermo, classes are in small groups, usually in English and are USD $78 per session. Reservations can be made online.

Mausi Sebes

A family of cooks runs this professional school, which lies just outside the capital in Vicente Lopez. With credentials as long as your arm, each chef instructor has obtained professional diplomas in centers around the world, including Thai and French cuisines among their specialities. Providing comprehensive training for those looking to become professional chefs, they also offer a series of workshops for those eager to master the art of the asado. Or if you’ve already nailed the asado and are itching for something more international, the school also offers classes in sushi and patisserie, among many others.

Go professional with patisseries. (Photo via Mausi Sebess)

Go professional with patisserie. (Photo via Mausi Sebess)


Prices vary but are around the AR $1,000 mark per class. See their website for details.