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String of Bomb Threats at Ezeiza, El Palomar, Córdoba, and Aeroparque

Airport security has said that the threats are likely a hoax.

By | [email protected] | August 7, 2018 4:55pm


A string of bomb threats were made against the Ezeiza, Córdoba, Aeroparque and El Palomar airports today.

The threats, which were placed via an anonymous 911 phone call and an email, stated that between 3 PM and 10 PM today “car bombs” would be parked at the four airports. It also threatened that explosives would be brought onto a number of different airplanes. 

Reportedly, the person who left the anonymous threats linked the alleged bombs to the Islamist terrorist group ISIS.

The threat triggered the activation of a series of emergency safety protocols in place for these kinds of situations at each of the airports, as well as extensive operations on the runways and terminals. However, qualified sources from Argentina’s Airport Security Police (PSA) told La Nación that no flights have been cancelled as a result of the bomb threats, and, as of now, they will not affect the current takeoff and landing schedules of any commercial airline operating within the airports.

PSA dogs at Ezeiza, via La Nación

The same sources confirmed that everything was under control, and there was nothing to worry about, as the PSA was fully equipped and trained to deal with these kinds of situations: “The PSA has a national contingency plan: the existing controls are implemented and expanded, cars are checked, parking lots are inspected, and dogs specialized in explosives detection sweep the area, all while the functioning of the airports remains unobstructed.”

“Inspections were made with dogs and mirrors in cars in the parking lots of Ezeiza, Córdoba, Aeroparque, and El Palomar,” the same sources added, stating that nothing has turned up so far, and that the call was likely a hoax.