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Rejoice! Boliches to Remain Open This Weekend Thanks to Last Minute Decision

By | [email protected] | April 29, 2016 7:56pm


Just when we thought that we were going to have to spend our Friday night at home playing Scrabble, a hero judge that goes by the name of Lisandro Fastman decided to suspend an earlier ruling that banned all boliches (nightclubs) and music festivals from operating in the City of Buenos Aires until further notice.

This morning, porteños woke up to the insane news that City judge Roberto Gallardo had banned “all commercial dance activities with live and/or recorded music” in Buenos Aires until further notice as another consequence of the Time Warp tragedy a few weeks ago.

But Gallardo’s cautionary measure was suspended by Fastman this evening after holding a hearing between both parties in the conflict.

It’s important to notice that Fastman didn’t strike down Gallardo’s ruling from this morning but suspended it, which means that it may come back to haunt in a few days if this battle for the Buenos Aires nightlife is not resolved.

After the hearing, the NGOs and entities that originally advocated for the ban agreed to call for Gallardo’s ruling to be suspended after the City Government allegedly “made a commitment to stop issuing permits to massive electronic music events and submit within the next five days a detailed report of all inspections conducted in nightclubs this month.”

So you can now go celebrate. It looks like your alcohol-infused social life just got back in action.