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Bitcoffee: First Coffee Shop to Accept Bitcoins in Latin America

By | [email protected] | May 13, 2015 3:06pm


Buenos Aires may not be known for its technological savvy, but it sure is playing catch up!

Already commonplace in tech meccas like South Korea and Japan, a coffee shop, Bitcoffee, has opened in El Centro that accepts payment via virtual bitcoin currency. This is the first venture of its kind in Argentina and Latin America. The fare is said to be of traditionally Argentine cafeteria style and utterly casual.

For those of you not in the know, bitcoin is an online payment system in which users transact without intermediaries, such as banks, states or any other institution. Bitcoin is a decentralized, global virtual currency and has become sought-after due to ease of transaction. Invented in Japan, of course.

Patrons of Bitcoffee order off digital menus and then tell staff whether they would like to pay via antiquated means, pesos, or via bitcoins. Seeing as the numbers of bitcoin users in Argentina are reportedly low, you are sure to look quite sophisticated if you choose to do virtual payment route.

Bitcoffee claims to be servicing a growing market of savvy techies who prefer their transactions to be virtual; however, let’s call this out for what it is – a shrewd marketing gimmick! The story has been picked up by several major news outlets across Argentina and Latin America and even got a write-up on Fox News Latino. Wait, Fox News has a Latino section…?

So, next time you happen to be in El Centro with a few bitcoins to burn, be sure to check out Bitcoffee. Who knows, maybe the espresso and customer service have made the leap into the digital age too…