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Which Pizzeria Will Be Crowned the Best of Buenos Aires?

The search to find the best pizzeria in Buenos Aires is officially underway.

By | [email protected] | November 23, 2018 4:49pm

Mejor Pizzería de la Ciudad (1)

It seems in Buenos Aires we have a competition for just about everything, the best milanesa, heladería, parrilla, coffee, hamburger… the list goes on. It was only a matter of time before somebody decided it was necessary to vote for the star of the show, the food for which we have so many options, yet so much controversy over the top spot. Queen of the muzza: The pizza.

It is estimated that every Argentine consumes close to 3.2 kg of pizza a year, with close to 70 percent of locals admitting that they consume the cheesy treat at least once a week. Therefore it’s only fitting that something with such a long and delicious history should be rightfully recognized, and what better way to do so than opening a competition which searches for the best pizza in the land?

Photo via La Diez Trece Radio

The Competition

The voting window for the competition opened on November 14th and closes on the 26th. Any Buenos Aires resident can vote, however they mustn’t take this decision lightly, as you will have 53 different pizzerias from which to choose, and this is not going to be an easy feat. To help people decide, the organization running the competition has split it up into two different sections: single pizzerias with just one restaurant (Pizzería Única), and then those with multiple restaurants (Familia de Pizzerías).

The whole competition is being orchestrated via the BA Capital Gastronómica social media platforms, or the Participación Ciudadana page. Residents can vote via either forum, and whoever is crowned king of the doughy delights will also be announced on the #BACapitalGastronómica Facebook page on November 27th.

All sorts of pizza parlors will be taking part in this event, from traditional powerhouses like La Mezzeta and Angelín to the newer kids and their fancy variations like Hell’s Pizza and CincinnatiWho will come out on top?

Why Vote?

Well, apart from having your favorite pizza joint be crowned the ultimate pizzeria in Buenos Aires, there is also an added incentive to vote. Everyone who participates is automatically entered into a drawing and has a chance of winning not one, not two, but FIVE free meals for two at both of the winning restaurants. There is also a discount on offer at all of the participating pizzerias upon request while the competition is running, just quote the code #BACapitalGastronómica and you can slice 10 percent off your bill.

Photo Via: Pick Up The Fork

Buenos Aires Capital Gastronómica

These food competitions form part of the program from BA Capital Gastronómica which is organized by the City Government of Buenos Aires. Of course, food and gastronomy is one of the most important and flourishing industries in Buenos Aires, therefore it is important to both recognize, and celebrate the varied and vast expanse of food on offer here. The organization hopes to position Buenos Aires as the gastronomic capital of Latin America and aims to promote foodie development through the generation of employment and tourism.