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Buenos Aires Parrillas Battle it Out for Top Spot

Argentina's culinary icons will be put to the test.

By | [email protected] | August 23, 2018 3:01pm


For those gourmands who missed out on the competition for the best milanesa in Buenos Aires, or vote for the best burger, look no further. The race for the best parrilla returns to the city at the end of this month.

As we all know, parrillas are a *kind* of a big deal here in Argentina, with the average person devouring 57 kilos of beef annually – making it the country with the second largest consumption of beef per capita. Many assume that asados and parrillas alike are the best representation of Argentine cuisine; in fact, 76.2 percent of those questioned in a recent survey agree with this statement.

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(Photo via Buenos Aires Free Walks)

The #BACapitalGastronómica initiative, responsible for promoting Argentine food in the region, kicks off the parrilla competition on the August 30th and it runs through September 10th. Like previous competitions, locals have the power to vote for and determine the winner.

Take note. The following 22 parrillas have entered the race, with more expected to sign up before the registration closes next Monday: Villegas Restó, La Taberna de Roberto, Cooperativa Los Chanchitos, Don Julio, El Patio de Mingo, Parrilla 1880, Tupé, Marucha, Jagüel, La Rana, Campo Style, Lo de Juan, La Churrasquita, Lo de Rosendo, Paja Rota, La Cabrera, Elauge Hnos, Arribeños, Lo de Charly, Las Nazarenas, Viejo Mundo, and Aires Criollos.

According to data from the BA City Government, 60,000 people participated in the contests for best hamburger, milanesa, and parrilla last year. Moreover, out of 72 percent of people who usually go out to dinner or lunch in restaurants, 23.4 percent would chose to enjoy a parrilla instead.

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(Photo via Working Chef)

Thankfully, for those of you thinking of participating, discounts will be available. One being 10 percent off the total bill for the duration of the competition, but those dining out at participating parrillas between September 4-5 will snag a 20 percent discount.

In the meantime, why not check out El Antojo, which was chosen as the bodegón where you can eat the Best Milanesa in Buenos Aires.

Burger lovers, remember you can pop into Palermo’s Williamsburg for the best burger in the city at a reasonable and affordable price.