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Top Five Juice Bars in Recoleta

By | [email protected] | October 6, 2017 6:46pm

Be Juice

Being healthy can be hard, especially when you like to go out with friends and have a social life. But, now more than ever, being healthy is the new norm and there are healthy options just about everywhere you go.

Be Juice

  1. Be Juice
    • The eccentric colors and bamboo walls turn this place into a tropical oasis. Be Juice is not only an Instagram paradise, but also a hotspot for fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, baked goods and numerous healthy to-go options. They’re also located right across Plaza Emilio Mitre, which is perfect since spring is almost here
    • (Barrientos 1586, Buenos Aires, Argentina)



  1. Harper
    • The proclaimed “We Make Fruit Sexy” is located on Av. Pueyrredón 1782. This hotspot has a New York-inspired setting with their painted brick walls, wooden accents and dark ambiance. Their menu has a variety of juices with different health benefits, like antioxidant, detox, wake me up, and more. But if you’re not looking for juice, they also have vegan and non-vegan options to curve all your hunger cravings.
    • (Av. Pueyrredón 1782, C1119ACN Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Natural Deli & Go In

  1. Go In
    • Or in some cases called the Natural Deli, is the first market and gastronomic restaurant to purpose natural and organic products in Buenos Aires. Here they thrive off an eclectic variety of more than 3,000 natural and organic products made without the use of preservatives or chemicals. And another trait that makes this spot so unique is how their chefs are always attentive to any suggestions and needs their customers have.
    • (Laprida 1672, 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina)


The Factory

  1. The Factory
    • If you’re trying to avoid pulp, preservatives or flavoring, then this is your new happy place. The Factory was created by a couple from Denmark who wanted to provide food and fresh and nutritious juices to Buenos Aires. Now, they have a menu filled with numerous juice options and detox programs, like The Factory Program, which is made to improve your health or start a weight loss regimen; the ‘Much Vegetable’ Program, for those wanting a higher mineral content or those who want to divide vegetable with fruit content; and the Green Program, which is vegetable puree juices with spirulina powder supplements.
    • C1129AAA, Av. Riobamba 1174, C1129AAA CABA, Argentina



  1. Nutriboost Juice Detox
    • Shakara Ledard, a Bahamian native and top model, curated the idea of Nutriboost detox. Nutriboost detox caters to each individual and provide numerous options for juicing. There are Cold Pressed juices and individual juices; however, if you want to start juicing they have two separate options, one is the mini program, which is for one to three days, then the second is the full program, which several days and is for those looking for an intense detox to help strengthen, recuperate and rejuvenate the body.
    • Rodríguez Peña 1650, C1021ABJ CABA