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The Best Comic Book Store in the World Is in Buenos Aires

La Revistería Comics was crowned the winner at International Comic-Con.

By | [email protected] | July 22, 2019 12:22pm

larevisteria-buenosairesPhoto via Indie Hoy

It’s no secret that Argentina, and Buenos Aires specifically, houses some of the best stuff in the world, whether it’s the morning medialunas you take for granted, the milongas you’ve been to once and never again, or the Malbec you casually drink with your asado. One unique-to-Buenos-Aires gem you may not have known about, though, is La Revistería Comics, the comic book store that was just voted the best in the world at International Comic-Con, held this year in San Diego.

This past weekend, the microcentro bookshop was awarded the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award, the prize for the best comic bookshop in the world, at a ceremony in California that is widely considered “the Oscars of the comics world.” The award itself is named for the American cartoonist Will Eisner, who in the early 1990s proposed to Comic-Con the creation of a special recognition of the important contribution made by comic bookstores to the industry as a whole, linking the creators of comic books to their readers.

Photo via Indie Hoy

La Revistería bested 33 bookshops nominated to compete for the prize, which is awarded based on a number of factors, including the innovativeness and quality in the materials sold, the availability of opportunities for new writers, the reputation the store holds in the industry, and the store’s engagement of the comic community via events and activities. The now-famous Buenos Aires bookshop specializes in comics, manga, and merchandizing related to Latin American pop culture.

For the owners of the bookshop, this award is a dream come true. Thirty-five years ago, their business started with a simple street stand, selling mainly newspapers and just a few comic books. Now, they own five branches of La Revistería Comics, spread throughout Buenos Aires. Their Florida 719 branch, the one awarded the prestigious title, offers both local and international comic books, vintage materials for collectors, and more than 8,000 volumes of manga. From now on, in addition to being the largest comic bookstore in Latin America, it will also be known as the greatest. Check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.