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Check Out this Bart Simpson Pop-Up Exhibit

The show is hosted by Kalaka Toys and El Destello bar.

By | [email protected] | August 29, 2018 2:48pm

destello bar(Photo via El Destello Bar)

Just when you think you have seen it all, Buenos Aires sneaks up behind you and bangs you around the head with the next weird and wonderful thing available. El Destello is one of the city’s most innovative watering holes that opened up in April earlier this year. If you haven’t been before, it is a mash-up of a 1980’s arcade mixed with a futuristic, neon party feel. You can play any of the decade’s classic games such as Tetris, Mortal Kombat and of course, Senorita Pacman. The bar has been a hit success, and never before have older millennials felt more nostalgic and back in their childhood hangout spots.

The bar has teamed up with Kalaka Toys, which sells everything comic book related, from 0ld-school Japanese robot figures to Yoyo Yeung’s Kenneth Plush figurines, to create a B-Art (love a good play on words) exhibition. It opened yesterday and continues through September 16th, displaying the work of 21 different artists and their collections of figurines and illustrations.

Some of the outstanding designers and toymakers involved in this exhibition include Matias Kalaka (aka the toyshop Kalaka’s main man), as well as Raw Ramirez and Maru Lopez. We spoke to one of the bar’s owners and innovators in the expo Santiago Idelson, who gave us the low-down of his favorite pieces.

His top picks include “Bartsky by Kalaka, which is a clever play on the Bristolian graffiti artist Banksy, who is notoriously elusive, an enigma of the global art world. The mini Bart has his Banksy outfit sorted, sporting a can of spray paint and signature dark hoodie.

‘Bartsky’ by  Matias Kalaka (Photo via Bar del Destello)

Another favorite of Idelson’s is “Bart to the Future” by Pablo Savia, inspired by the 1985 sci-fi classic starring Michael J. Fox. This particular artwork really tunes into the 80’s/ futuristic theme that both the film Back to the Future, and the bar itself embody.

‘Bart to the Future’ by Pablo Savia. (Photo via Bar el Destello)

There are a whole heap of hilarious Bart illustrations and toys at the exhibition, and plenty available to buy courtesy of Kalaka toys.

So, if you are a comic fan, or even just keen to sample some excellent craft beer and surround yourself with something weird and wacky, find your way down to the El Destello Bar, pronto.

Bar El Destello | Gascón 1460, Palermo | 28 August- 16 September | Free.