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BAFICI 2018: The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema is Coming

By | [email protected] | March 23, 2018 2:33pm

BAFICI 2018: The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema is Coming

Autumn is here. That means one thing for all you movie nerds: the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (also known as BAFICI) is back.

With a bumper crop of movies, a star-studded collection of directors and actors of worldwide fame will be descending on Buenos Aires this year, and with over 107 international movies to be premiered in Latin America at BAFICI, it’s set to be the biggest yet.

BAFICI is all about seeing a relatively unknown or perhaps alternative movie. You take a risk, enter a cinema showing a film you know little about, and prepare yourself to be surprised. Be adventurous with your selection, and you may just be delighted to discover a hidden gem.

(Photo via Turismo Buenos Aires).

(Photo via Turismo Buenos Aires).


With so many online streaming platforms now telling us when and what we should be watching, there is still a simple delight to be had from making an unknown discovery. You may love the movie; you may hate it, you may even walk out halfway through (we hope that doesn’t happen). Undoubtedly though, there’s some excitement to be had from the unknown.

Albertini Carri

Albertini Carri’s latest movie, ‘Las Hijas del Fuego’ will be premiered at the festival. (Photo via Mijal Katzowicz).


To celebrate 20 years of our favorite movie festival, a whole host of film industry royalty has been invited to take part. John Waters, iconic director of classics like ‘Hairspray’, will be screening nine of his critically acclaimed movies across the 12 days. Waters will also be publicly speaking for the first time in Argentina on Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th, (seats must be booked in advance). Scottish actor Ewen Bremner, most famously known for his part in the hit movie ‘Trainspotting’ will also be at BAFICI, leading an acting workshop.


Of course, the festival is also about paying homage to Argentine cinema. Make sure to check out Mariano Llinás’ 12-hour marathon of a movie, ‘La Flor’ (it’s shown in three parts, don’t panic). Albertini Carri’s latest movie ‘Las Hijas del Fuego‘ will be premiered at the festival too.

Other movies to check out are Chloé Zhao’s ‘The Rider,’ a documentary-style movie that centers on a horsewoman’s love of the animal and inability to let go despite her life changing accident. Shot with amateur actors against a backdrop of stunning scenery, the movie is an unmissable heart-wrenching and realistic portrayal of a woman’s loss of one of her greatest passions in life.

Beautifully shot sweeping landscapes characterize much of

Beautifully shot sweeping landscapes characterize much of ‘The Rider’. (Photo via Buenos Aires gobierno).


Released in 2017, Brazilian–French horror style supernatural movie, ‘As Boas Maneiras’ tells a supernatural fairy tale style story of two women from differing racial and class backgrounds in Sao Paulo and their strong bond formed over a baby, which later gets tested one fateful evening. An original and energetic take on the werewolf legend, the movie is unmissable for those fans of the mystical.

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If you’re the kind of person who’s never paid for a Netflix subscription and would rather not start paying to see a movie anytime soon, go see one of the free movies being shown under the stars in the Ampitheatre of Parque Centenario, in Plaza Francia, at the Costanera, or in Parque Saavedra. Also, make sure to look out for talks and discussions taking place in locations like the MAMBA, the Museo del Cine and the Usina del Arte.

(Photo via Buenos Aires Ciudad).

(Photo via Buenos Aires Ciudad).


Enrique Avogadro, the Minister of Culture, assured that BAFICI is Latin America’s most important film festival, showing more Argentine movies than anywhere else in the world. Proving the popularity and success of recent BAFICI festivals, this year’s will take place at over 36 locations in 15 different barrios across Buenos Aires.

The festival will open April 11th at Cine Gaumont (Av. Rivadavia 1635) with a screening of  Juan Villegas’ comedy ‘Las Vegas,’ taking place at the same time, there’ll be a screening of the same movie in Plaza Francia. A screening of Wes Anderson’s newly released ‘Isle of Dogs’ will draw 2018’s BAFICI to a close on the 22nd.

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson’s ‘Isla de los Perros’. (Photo via Buenos Aires gobierno).


Beginning on April 11th and taking place until April 22nd, tickets are priced at AR $55 or AR $40 for students and those who are retired.

See the BAFICI official website for program details and ticket purchases.