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BA has been Named One of the Top 13 Cities to Visit in November

From the great climate to the cultural programme, the city has it all

By | [email protected] | November 5, 2018 9:50pm

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We are already 5 days into November, and just like any other November here in Buenos Aires, this one is shaping up to be one of the busiest and buzziest months of the year. Business Insider has named BA in their list of ‘Top 13 Cities to Visit in November’. Among other world-renowned  locations such as Prague and Montreal, BA has really done itself proud by making it onto this list. But is that really a surprise when you take a look at the agenda and the weather forecast for this month? Business Insider selects their ranking based on climate, cultural calendar and peak moments of vacations (price wise).

What do you think when somebody says November to you? When someone says it to me – a British girl who lives in the North of England – I think fires, jumpers, electric blankets and roast lunches! In Buenos Aires however, this is not the case! When you consider the all so sudden weather change – well it definitely feels as though it’s happened overnight – it’s almost like BA is telling us it’s time to shed a layer, and start rejoicing as asados become jacket-free occasions and mate turns into tereré.

So, what makes November THE month to visit BA?

First, let’s get something clear, there are many reasons why it makes total sense to visit Buenos Aires in November. Firstly, it’s practical; any time pre November means you’ll have to bring a coat, a few jumpers and maybe even a scarf depending on how you handle the cold. Secondly, it’s cheaper, since any deeper into summer means flight prices really start to soar – excuse the pun.  Lastly, you can’t even attempt to ignore the surge in activities of all descriptions that is upon us in November, to name a few:

The Open Polo Championships

Essentially the biggest Polo event in the world. As it says on the Stratos Jets website, ‘The Argentine Polo Open Championships is to polo, what the world series is to baseball’. It draws people in from every corner of the globe to appreciate this fantastic sport in one of the greatest polo ‘Meccas’ in the world. A ‘must see’ if you have any chance of making it to Buenos Aires this fall.

Open Polo Championships (Photo via: Country Life UK)

La Noche de Los Museos

One night in BA where all museums open up and offer free entry for a whole night! But it doesn’t just stop at usual museums across BA, from bars to banks and botanical gardens, with such an array of institutions and spaces getting involved, the options are literally endless. With almost 300 different locations on offer, you really need a year at the museums rather than a night, but even this whistle-stop tour will give you a really unique night to delve deeper into BA’s cultural expanse.

La Noche de los Museos (Photo Via: Turismo Buenos Aires)

Gaucho Festival ‘la Fiesta de la Tradición’

This particular celebration of the traditional gaucho culture here in Argentina, will take place this weekend. It always falls on the weekend closest to the 10th of November, as this corresponds with the birthday of Argentine author and poet José Hernández, who wrote the famous gaucho poem ‘Martín Fierro’. A celebration of pure Argentine craftsmen and sportsmen, this festival celebrates authentic folklore with an array of festivities and parades.

La Fiesta de Tradición (Photo Via: La García)

And this little lot is just the start of it! With all the trees in full bloom, the streets are buzzing with life and on almost every block you can see snippets of this vibrant Argentine culture being celebrated. So if your looking for a real taste of Argentine life, and to experience one of the most dynamic cities in the world at its absolute best, get yourself booked onto the next flight to BA, as November won’t be around forever!