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BA Government Taxi App Is Up And Ready

By | [email protected] | April 25, 2017 12:38pm


Getting a taxi could get even easier, with the government launching their free, BA Taxi app yesterday. So what does it do? On paper at least, the app allows you to find a taxi, calculate the journey’s cost, see the route (which is saved) along with your waiting time, and gives you the option to pay with either cash or card and rate your experience (1-5 stars). For the forgetful among us, you can also report if you’ve left something in the taxi, so that morning after wallet panic can be easily resolved.

The app is only currently available for Android phones, however it is expected to hit the IOS system in a few weeks time, although no official date has been set. Its format seems very similar in terms of structure and functionality to Easy Taxi with its 17 million users that covers some 420 cities, one of its competitors along with Cabify and Uber, although Uber is still officially illegal.

“BA Taxi was born with the objective of putting technology at the service of passengers. We strive for users to be able to travel in a more safe and comfortable way, in addition to drivers having a technological resource that makes their job easier” said Andy Freire, minister of modernization, innovation and technology in the city.

Currently 2000 BA taxis are registered on the system with estimations expecting to clock up 37,000 taxis into the system.