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After 3,000 bomb Threats to High Schools in September BA Province Government Intends to Impose Fines and Jail Time to Those who Make Them

By | [email protected] | October 12, 2017 4:28pm


The Buenos Aires Province dealt with 3,000 false bomb threats to high schools in September. As a result, the territory’s Minister of Security, Cristian Ritondo, announced that the state has pressed charges against 120 parents and children for the false alarms that harmed the regular function of schools.

“What we have come to see with María Eugenia Vidal is that it is not a joke, it is a crime,” Ritondo said. The Minister of Security added that the parents should be responsible for what their children’s deeds cost the state. Each security procedures costs the state AR$ 25,000. The government seeks fines of up to $50,000 and between 5 and 30 days in prison for those responsible in order to deter the threats.

Police recently identified an 18 year old student that they say is responsible for 40 threats. He was discovered through an analysis of his social media and telephone use; the first lead came from Twitter where the student wrote “I finished the day by making 8 bomb threats in 8 different schools” and “there are 8 closed schools as a result of my calls.”

The Minister of Security reported that 400 false threats occurred between last Friday and Monday. In the past year, according to official statistics, 240 cases of threats have occurred against 56 schools in Buenos Aires; in general, such threats have resulted in no legal action. Unfortunately, such threats have resulted in the loss of days in class for students. Many schools have moved classes outside.